Christmas Pyjamas – La Coqueta

I am determined that this year that our Christmas will be more about being than about buying.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The children love toys and gifts and of course they will have some but I am trying to concentrate my efforts on the other “stuff”.

Family is very important (just as well, we don’t have a small one) and growing up there were things we did every year and I remember them fondly. Hopefully one day I will be able to give my own children some memories like that.

One of the things we do every year is to give the children a pair of new Pyjamas. I love Christmas pyjamas and over the colder months my lot seem to want to come home from school and get straight into their PJ’s and dressing gown. Who can blame them?

La Coqueta kindly sent Moose a pair of their pyjamas for him to try out. I really love how well packaged they were. Wrapped in tissue paper and presented in a cotton drawstring bag.

The detailing on the pyjamas is really lovely. The red gingham with a little bit of green and white reminds me of candy canes.

I think I will always prefer the traditional pyjama style to the more contemporary alternatives. I don’t mind clothing with characters on it but I think they have their place and besides, the traditional ones always look nicer in photos. It’s all about the ‘gram!

Moose loved his new La Coqueta pyjamas. The material they are made from is a lightweight cotton but they seem to keep him warm. They are machine washable but don’t tumble dry them. He loves the little pockets and he has stashed many small toys in them already.

I really rate these pyjamas highly. They would make a lovely gift and I will definitely be using La Coqueta in future!


we received the featured product in exchange for our honest opinion.


Bacterial Tonsillitis – Tips to beat the symptoms

One day the week before last, I woke up feeling a little more tired than usual. I mean, I am always tired these days but on that particular day I just felt, a bit, wrong. I (like most parents) took a paracetamol and soldiered on.

The following day I woke up feeling like utter rubbish. I had a raging temperature, my body ached, I could barely manage to lift my head off my pillow. Luckily it was a Saturday so I stayed where I was and let MrG take charge of the kids for the day.

Sunday wasn’t much better but at least I could get out of bed. By Monday I was still running a fever and I had noticed (using my phone as a torch – handy) some white spots on my tonsils. I relented and made myself an appointment with my GP.

The gods were clearly smiling on me. The usual hour long wait didn’t happen and I was able to be seen almost straight away – praise be the NHS! My theory is that I looked like death warmed up and they just couldn’t risk leaving me in the waiting room for too long. You know, in case I scared the other patients.

The Doctor quickly confirmed that I had Bacterial Tonsillitis and sent me on my way with some Antibiotics.

So, it turns out Tonsillitis is actually the worst. If someone tells you they have it you need to heap sympathy (and ice cream) upon them.


If you do have to deal with Tonsillitis I recommend the following to help alleviate the symptoms

  • Get plenty of rest. If you cannot sleep then binge watching Netflix also works.
  • Ice pops (or ice poles depending on where you are from) are said to feel good on your throat but I preferred straight forward ice cubes or ice chips.
  • Jelly and ice cream is easy to eat. Soup is ok but not too hot!
  • Anaesthetic throat spray was a lifesaver for me. It just numbs out the whole area. Bliss.
  • After the initial very painfully sore throat I found that cups of tea with a little honey were very soothing.
  • alternate paracetamol and ibuprofen to help with the pain.


I feel tons better now and I did lose nearly a stone in weight by existing on jelly and ice cream for 6 days so there is that…


Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise

Even though the youngest member of our family happens to be a boy, we have not escaped the current craze for Unicorns. Those things are EVERYWHERE right now and our house is no exception. Slime is also very much on our radar too. Put those together along with what is effectively a giant bling bag style toy and you have the ingredients for a hit toy!

Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise is a sure favourite on the top toys lists for Christmas 2018 and we were recently sent one to play with.


What’s in the box

Well, Poopsie is a surprise. A bit like a giant blind bag really. There are 4 to collect: Rainbow Brightstar, Oopsie Starlight, Whoopsie Doodle and Dazzle Darling. Along with your unicorn character you will also find other accessories such as: a diaper (it’s a nappy but let’s go with what the packaging says..). a t shirt, measuring cup, poop character keychain, unicorn spoon, collector’s sheet, potty, unicorn food and unicorn magic.


How does it work?

Poopsie is a cute unicorn doll with a slime making feature.

Once you have fed Poopsie the ingredients to make the slime, give her a quick shake. Pop her on her glitter potty and press her tummy button to see the slime.. erm… appear.

Sounds simple? Well, it is and it isn’t. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best from your Poopsie experience.

  • Make sure the switch is in the correct (feeding) position before you start
  • Consider using slightly less water than the instructions tell you to. Add more unicorn magic if you need to
  • Cover all surfaces. You do NOT want this anywhere near your carpets
  • Don’t put the nappy/diaper on to make the slime – we found that it pressed the tummy button in and generally got in the way
  • If your slime is still runny leave it to set for a little while longer
  • Tie your unicorns hair back before starting as it will get in the way

I was expecting this toy to be my idea of hell

It was very cutesy, VERY pink and it combines poo and slime. Not really my idea of a good time at all. However, I was somewhat surprised at how much Moose liked it!

Moose really enjoyed the role play aspect of the toy and spent ages dressing the unicorn and feeding her (even before we had started making the slime) and I think as a doll it is a pretty appealing one.

The slime wasn’t as complicated to make as I had feared and I found that by tweaking the instructions and adding just slightly less water than told to made for a good batch of slime! This Poopsie set comes with enough ingredient to make 4 batches, though refills are available to buy.

Moose liked how glittery the slime was but he did get a bit bored waiting for it to set. I suggest having a distraction planned for the 20-30 minutes it takes to set to a slime consistency.

We had fun playing with Poopsie and I think if you have a child who is into dolls and unicorns and slime this is a pretty safe bet for Christmas. It’s not a cheap toy but it feels well made and I like the blind bag set up of the packaging.

Auntie D2 – Living arrows 45/53

Donna from What The Redhead Said has a weekly post called Living Arrows which encourages people to link up and post a photo or 2 from the week just gone with a bit of a backstory. I love the idea and have been attempting to get involved for a little while now.

You are the bows from which your children as Living Arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

Now that the blurring in my left eye seems to be getting slightly better and I am getting back to feeling a little more human, I am trying to be a bit more on the ball. So, here it is. Living arrows!

Moose was poorly for 2 days last week. We spent the time curled up on the sofa just relaxing and watching television (with me praying that he wasn’t about to upchuck on me at any given moment, obviously). After his sickness bug had passed he was a little more active but to be honest not much.

This photo was taken on Sunday. It’s not the best photo I have ever taken, granted. Moose seemed to snap out of his lethargy at about 2pm and suddenly wanted to play. He went up to his bedroom and chose a toy to play with. He calls this toy “Auntie D2”.

I don’t correct him

It’s a cute little Moos-ism and I love it. He has others. I know I could set him right but it makes me smile everytime I hear it and god knows it will be corrected soon enough by the world outside our doors without any help from me.

Living Arrows

7 Worst Home Improvement Decisions

Home improvement shows will often have you believing that the money you spend on DIY projects will be returned to you in the form of a higher sale price when you come to sell your home. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. Here’s a list of the worst home improvement decisions you could make in terms of their return.

Luxury Bathrooms

According to experts and real estate agents, bathrooms never help you get more from your house as you sell them. Upgrading bathrooms is necessary but the upgradation must not be expensive. There is no need to invest a lot of money just in bathrooms to make them look like luxury bathrooms.

Swimming Pool

Everyone loves to have a perfectly designed swimming pool with some cool and innovative design ideas. Nowadays, pools have become of great significance because people want to enjoy with their friends, colleagues and do parties. However, their improvement should be justified. You should be careful while spending your money in swimming pool renovation.

Wall to Wall Carpeting

Everyone who buys a new house or gets it on rent tries to have everything in order. This includes carpets and floors as well. When you are renovating your house, try to choose some decent laminate flooring and carpet colors that look appealing and may give a great look to the rooms. Moreover, you should not extend the carpets to the wall corners or even sometimes people believe wall to wall carpeting. This may prove expensive.

Upgrading Kitchens

High-end upgradation of kitchens yields no particular results except the aesthetic views. Kitchen, bathrooms and or master bathroom are the areas with least interaction of the visitors and even residents. These areas need upgradation but it must not be expensive. You can choose some nice colors, wallpapers, themes and ideas for the kitchen in order to upgrade in the minimum amount and investment.

High-End Landscaping

Landscaping is an integral part of home renovation. They make a house look more attractive and appealing. Whenever you do any renovation work, calculate its impacts on the property value. As you may need to sell or rent out the house any moment, you should consider this aspect. High-end landscaping seems to be a bad option and may destroy the beauty and aesthetic value of the whole building.

Quirky Decoration

This refers to the personalized decoration of the house. We understand that every person who owns a house has a particular choice when it comes to house decoration. But that doesn’t mean it should be weird or strange. There is always the element of selling the house so such designs and ideas are not practical. If you do such decorations, you may lose the real value of your house when it is to be sold.

Detailed Maintenance

Home improvement is all about smart tweaks instead of detailed renovation and maintenance. Many people, having enough money, make the mistake of doing detailed renovations where they replace old items with new ones. This is good if you want to keep the house for next five or more years. But it may prove expensive if you have to sell the house at any moment. So be careful and always try your best to do the smart maintenance instead of detailed and expensive renovation works.