About me. Easy, right? Wrong! #blogtober

I decided to join in with blogtober this year. Blogtober is essentially a series of daily prompts put together by Mandi at Hexmum for the whole month of October. I thought it sounded fun! 

So here we are on day 1. The prompt today is About Me, an easy subject right? Well, yes unless you are running on fumes and feeling seriously down about yourself. Are you ready for the pity party? 

I am joking, a little. I couldn’t put you through hundreds of words filled with what if’s and if only’s. It wouldn’t suit me anyway. A bit much for day 1.

tasha dewdney

Who am I?

I am Tasha. I am not happy with the way I look but I really like pasta sooo… I like to think I am fairly intelligent until I do something to spectacularly prove otherwise. This happens too often at the moment. The last time was when I managed to book a (non-refundable) hotel for the week before a conference I was attending rather than for the date needed. Happily I did manage to sort it out but it was expensive and involved many, many swear words. 

The time before that was when I designed some (in my biased opinion) awesome business cards but forgot to add my email address. That’s 2 in a fairly long list. 

I like to hide my insecurities behind humour and sarcasm. I don’t feel entirely comfortable telling you that.

What do I do?

I make clay (mainly wedding) cake toppers and have done for 11 years. I have made all kinds of things over the years and I absolutely love it! I am so grateful that I have been able to stay at home and still make a little bit of money to get by without having to worry about childcare. 

As well as playing with clay I like to spend my time writing my blog. I started the blog last November and now that Moose attends preschool a little more I find it relaxes me to take some me time to just sit and write something. 

Why Blogtober

Because as silly as it sounds, I want to learn to be more open. We are all on this silly journey together (eugh, I know) and maybe sharing with you everyday might make me feel lighter by the end. I hope you tag along and if you are taking part then let me know in the comments – I want to get to know you too! 




Kinetic Rocks Crusher Review and Warning!

A couple of weeks ago we received the Kinetic Rocks playset to try out. I love sensory play but I hadn’t thought of this toy as fitting into that category until Moose and Bess began to play with it.

The Kinetic Rock Crusher set gives children the chance to have some real construction fun at home. Kinetic rock is real rock that magically sticks together making it perfect to shape and mould. The set comes with:

  • 12oz of Kinetic Rock.
  • Dump truck with bucket.
  • Rock crusher.
  • Workman figure.
  • Bolder mould.
  • Tools
  • Transformable sand box.

The Kinetic Rock Crusher playset looked pretty simple to put together so to test that theory, I got Bess to do it. It really was easy and in no time she and Moose were ready to play.

The idea is that the tiny gravel like pieces never dry out. The downside to this though is that it is sticky. Great for playing with but it can get messy. Once this stuff hits the floor you will be picking it off EVERYTHING pretty much forever. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

90 minutes had passed before Moose began to lose interest. AN HOUR AND A HALF. This alone prompted me to immediately order another bag of the rocks You don’t get very much of it and it gets everywhere as previously mentioned so you probably will need more.

I have set aside a tray for him to use while he is playing with it on the patio. It’s a great toy but it is not going to be an inside toy! This would be ideal for an outdoor TUFF tray. I really like the creative and sensory aspects of this playset and Moose is really into imaginative play at the moment so I know he will play with it loads.


Disclaimer: I received a playset in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and my socks are still picking up rocks.

Why Are There Painted Rocks All Over the Place? Love On The Rocks!

A few days ago my daughter was walking home from school when a rock tucked to side of the path caught her eye.

It was a medium sized rock which had been painted with a figure and the words BE HAPPY on one side. On the other side it said LOVE ON THE ROCKS PETERBOROUGH. KEEP OR REHIDE.

love rocks peterborough

We had to find out what was going on so I of course opened social media and there was indeed a page created on Facebook called Love On The Rocks Peterborough. 

What Is It?

The rocks were a project which began in America 6 months after the tragic deaths of 2 little girls named Abigail and Anna who were hit by a car outside their home. They and their family had completed a project for their parents wedding where they had decorated rocks to give to guests and some for guests to write messages on for them to gift back to the family. You can learn more about that here

The idea is that the rocks are painted and hidden in public places for strangers to find. When you find a painted rock you can take a photo and then choose to either keep it or re hide for someone else to find.

Can I Join In? 

Yes! The more the merrier. I think it is a great way to spend family time together and all you need is some large stones, some paint and a little time. 

How Can I Decorate My Rocks?

The beauty of this project is that you are limited only by your imagination. I would probably recommend keeping your design family friendly because there are a lot of children hunting for the rocks but aside from that, there are no limits!

You can check out this Pinterest board for some great ideas and don’t forget to add your local facebook group name to the back so that photos can be shared!

You don’t need to buy expensive paints, any cheap acrylic or even nail varnish will do. If you want to protect your painting you can buy a clear varnish from a DIY store. I would recommend the use of a sharpie for any finer detail. 

Why Am I Taking Part? 

I really love the idea of this project. As well as being good exercise, something we can do together and a great way to use up our old craft supplies I like the sentiment. Each stone is painted with care and will bring happiness to a stranger. You don’t really benefit from it personally other than knowing that you have sent a smile out into the world. I like the message that sends and I think anything which might add to a sense of community in 2017 has got to be a good thing!

If anyone wants me this weekend I will be mostly painting rocks! 

Mokuru Fidget Desk Toy – review and giveaway


Poor Bess didn’t tell me she wanted one so I assumed she didn’t. First rule of parenting a tween? Assume nothing.

With this in mind, when we were given the opportunity to review the next big thing in the fidget toy universe we would have been utter fools to resist.

At first glance this piece of beechwood looks like the handle from a skipping rope (it still looks like this after a few glances to be honest) but it is so much more!

The Mokuru arrives with no instructions. We had absolutely no idea what we were meant to do with it other than to “flip it”.
mokuru Fidget Desk Toy

It seemed like a good idea

I thought it would be fun to see if we could figure out this thing without going online. Our method was to (with some force) kind of flip it over and throw the Mokuru down onto the breakfast bar. 5 minutes in and I concluded that we needed some help before we started taking chunks out of the kitchen.

You tube saved the day

So it turns out that Mokuru is already pretty popular. There are loads of people showing off their skills online. We picked a vid and 2 minutes later we were having a go for ourselves.

We were overthinking it if anything. You kind of just gently push it over and it flips itself. Some kind of magic science not meant to be understood by the likes of me but needless to say it was not long before both Bess and I were hooked. It did admittedly bring out our competitive streak but we were soon keeping the Mokuru flipping between each other for ages! The great thing about this toy is that you really do get better every time you pick it up.


We have 2 Mokuru fidget toys to give away. To enter just follow the instructions in the form below! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions:

1. The prize consists of 2 Mokuru Fidget Sticks. There will be two winners who will each receive one Mokuru fidget Stick. The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered.
2. Open to UK residents aged 18 and over.
3. Closing date for entries is 12:00am on 30th September 2017
4. Mokuru stick may come in a variety of different colours
5. The winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries
6. The winners will be informed within 14 days of the closing date and will need to respond with a postal address within 28 days or a new winner will be chosen
7. The winner’s name will be available on request
8. The prize will be sent within 28 days of receiving the winner’s address
9. Entry to this confirms that participants have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions


Middletons Steakhouse & Grill Peterborough

Despite being born in Peterborough and having lived here for 31 of my 35 years I didn’t know that the walk through from Bridge Street to the back of the town hall has a name. It does, it’s called St Peters Arcade – and that is where you will find Middletons Steakhouse & Grill.

tables and chair steakhouse

Middletons isn’t just any old restaurant

All of the meat served here comes from their own butchery based in Norfolk. Middletons is a large 230 seater restaurant set over 2 floors with good disabled access and stylish decor. I absolutely love steak (who doesn’t?) so when we received an invitation to come along to one of their preview nights, how could we resist?

seating at middletons

So much choice

We were seated quickly by Shona and John came to introduce himself as our waiter for the evening soon after. Following a long look over our menu I decided on the Calamari to start. It arrived in good time and was fresh, crispy and golden. It was also big! Each golden breaded ring was about the size of my fist! An excellent start to the evening.

calamari from above middletons

The menu at Middletons offers a massive array of delicious sounding meals but as we were at a steakhouse it felt only right that we should choose steak. I went for the “Steak & Sticky” which was a 6oz sirloin with a half rack of sticky BBQ ribs and a chilli & spring onion garnish.  All meals from the grill menu come with a choice of 1 side. I chose Coleslaw which was really creamy – perfect for me! The ribs were wonderfully juicy and the meat just fell off the bone.

The star of the show though was of course the steak. My knife glided through my medium rare sirloin without any trouble at all. The meat was succulent and melt in the mouth perfection. One of the best steaks I have ever eaten in fact.

jaymee from the mum diaries blog

After a quick loo break during which I ran into my sister blogger, Jaymee, from The Mum Diaries it was time to order dessert. After much deliberation I decided upon the Creme Brulee. My dessert was the perfect ending to what had been a fabulous meal. 

middletons creme brulee

Would i go again?

Yes, I would. In a heartbeat. There are so many dishes on the menu that I think it would be difficult to get bored here. Prices range from the £50 36oz steak all the way down to the £9.99 set menu so there really is something to suit all budgets at Middletons.

The staff were friendly and attentive without being overbearing and our water bottle was kept replenished throughout our meal. 

I noticed that there is also the facility on their website to pre order your food when you have a table booked – a very useful function when you don’t have much time to spare! 

I think Peterborough finally has the steakhouse it has needed for a long time.


Disclaimer: We were invited to have a meal in exchange for a review. All opinions are as ever our own.