Body positivity is a wonderful thing, and we ladies should love our figures regardless of the size. However, if you have made the decision to lose a few pounds, you’ll know how tricky it can be to stay on track.

There are some clever little tricks that can help you to stick with your healthy eating plan. Here are just a few to help you.

Staying focused with your slimming

  • If it’s deprivation, it won’t work in the long-term. There’s no point in going on an extreme diet. Sure, you’ll lose the weight to begin with, but because you’ll feel deprived of all the foods you love, you’re likely to slip back into your old eating habits quickly. Plan what you’re going to eat in advance, and make sure it’s delicious, low-fat food. Remember, it’s a long-term lifestyle change, not a short-term fix.


  • Take up exercise. Exercise on its own won’t make you weigh less However, building muscle means you’ll be burning more calories, which is never a bad thing. You’ll also get the adrenalin rush of working out; another great benefit. Do an activity that you find enjoyable. There’s no point going on a five-mile run if you loathe every step of it.


  • Eat regularly. Feeling hungry is horrible. Those familiar mid-afternoon tummy-rumbles can swiftly derail your healthy eating plans! Keep some tasty low-fat snacks close to hand. A rice-cake with a smear of nut butter provides a hit of energy, and is pretty filling too.


  • Don’t ban foods. You can guarantee that if you try to ban your favourite unhealthy treat, you’ll only crave it all the more. Keep it on your eating plan, but eat less of it. For example, if you’ve got a major ice-cream weakness, have a small scoop with some berries as a treat, instead of an entire bowl with chocolate sauce on top.


  • Distract yourself. Don’t mooch around at home, as this will inevitably lead you to wander to the fridge. Instead, get out of the house. Go for a walk. Take the kids out somewhere and do a fun activity together. See some friends. Whatever you do, just make sure it stops you from brooding over food!


  • Give yourself a reward. Humans are hardwired to love rewards for good behaviour. Set yourself a target weight-loss (realistic, of course – don’t be brutal to your body), then, when you hit it, treat yourself to something. Don’t make it food, though. Instead, buy that eyeshadow palette you’ve been hankering after for a while, or a new perfume from a site like Copycat Fragrances.


  • Eat high-fibre foods. Aim to eat foods that are really high in fibre. Fibre’s not only great for your health, but it really fills you up. Good sources of fibre include: lentils, beans, brown rice, oats, peas and wholewheat pasta.


  • Keep track. As you’re getting started (and adjusting to your healthy-eating plan), use an app like MyFitnessPal to keep track of how much you’re eating during the day. It’s an effective way to stop yourself from snacking too much.

This is a collaborative post

We were sent this toy to play with in exchange for an honest review. All opinions remain our own.

My first encounter with Feisty Pets from Jazwares was just before Christmas. I had been searching for a gift for my niece and I spotted the unicorn but was sadly forbidden to buy it by my sister (aka lil miss party pooper). She was a bit worried that it would scare her then 3 year old. I still maintain that the niece is fiercer than the Feisty Pet – but it’s a close run thing.

feisty pets

Fast forward to much more recently and Moose was sent his very own Feisty Pet to play with. If you have been paying attention you may be aware that Moose has a bit of a strange taste in cuddlies… His favourites are still his Crate Creature and his Fuggler.

With this in mind I felt pretty confident that the Feisty Pets would be an equally big hit with Moose. There are several different ones to choose from. We were sent Sir Growls-A-Lot. He is a very cuddly looking bear with a fierce side!

feisty pets

Each Feisty Pet is undeniably cute but each has their own likes and dislikes. Just as well, so you can stay on their good side!

Sir Growls-A-Lot’s are:

Likes: Trash cans, raw meat and hibernating.

Dislikes: Waking up, loud noises, jail food.

The Feisty Pets plush is 25cm tall which is a good size I think for a toy that children will want to carry around (to play pranks on people) and best of all, they don’t take batteries! Their fierce side is brought to life using a mechanism you grip at the back of their head. It’s pretty easy to work and Moose had it sussed after a couple of attempts.

As well as the plush version, Feisty pets are also available as 4″ plastic figures. They have the same no batteries approach which is great and Moose loved taking this one to the park to surprise his friends!

Her name is Princess Pottymouth. Princess might seem like an average kitty, but do not assume anything. She is prone to sudden mood changes during human interactions. It is advised to wear thick layers of clothing before attempting to pet Princess Pottymouth. I grew up with a cat just like that – must be a ginger tabby thing!

In addition to the plush and the 4″ range there is also a Feisty Pets Mini Misfits Blind Figures range! Moose does love a blind bag and this one was a big hit. I quite like that this little 5cm collectable range comes with a mini Feisty Pet as well as a carry case/home for it.

I liked the quality of all 3 of the ranges and Moose really enjoyed pranking his big sister! Moose has been playing loads with his Feisty Pet friends and I will definitely be buying more for him to add to his collection!

Feisty Pets are available from all good toy shops.


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

We are definitely back into the school routine this week. The weather has cooled off which seems to take everyone’s moods down a notch. I am looking forward to this weekend which I will spend with bloggers at BlogOn, a conference for those who blog to learn some things and generally go and be with our own kind.


Moose was chosen to receive his teachers ‘Star of the week’ award this week. He failed his sight check in February and we found out this week that he has a lazy eye. He has been trying really hard at school though and I am pleased that it has been noticed. Along with his certificate he had the honour of bringing home the class bear, Stanley, for the weekend.

As you can see, he was very happy about this!


Bess has chosen her options for GCSE at school and is waiting to see which classes she will end up with. She makes me laugh with her stories from school but this week I really felt for her. She mentioned that some boys make comments when her and her friend walk past them.

Names like “lesbian” and “tranny with a fanny” were thrown her way. I could feel my stomach knotting up as she was telling me. As she spoke, it brought back memories of my own school and having to sidestep the insults from people who felt threatened by someone who didn’t conform to their version of what a female should be.

Luckily my Bess is better than them. She laughed as she told me how she loudly shouted back “CORRECT” at their ridiculous attempts to insult her. I hope she was laughing on the inside too.


Living Arrows

I feel like I am becoming a Slimming World friendly meal planning ninja to be honest. Not to blow my own trumpet (parp) but I haven’t ordered a takeaway in a good few weeks nor do I miss it. Meal planning is becoming something I actually enjoy and even look forward to!

That said, this week I have eaten my own weight in leftover easter eggs. Can’t win em all!

The week ahead should be a pretty good one. We have no big events planned so it should be fairly easy to stick to the Slimming World plan and stick to budgeting too.

This week in food

Friday: Pasta Bolognese and green salad

Saturday: Lamb curry with broccoli and rice.

Sunday: Ham and vegetable gratin with new potatoes and veg

Monday: Simple pea pesto spaghetti with baby spinach salad and roasted red pepper

Tuesday: Chicken skewers with slimming world chips and salad and my vegan syn free coleslaw

Wednesday: Sausages and roasted veg for me. Side of mashed potato for everyone else. Lets face it, I will probably end up with mash too because it’s mash and who can resist it?

Thursday: Chicken Chilli and rice. Sounds a bit grim but the Stagg veg chilli is actually tasty and syn free on Slimming World. Great for a very quick meal.

Breakfast will be mainly oat pancakes or porridge. I love it at the moment and you can add loads of different things to it to change it up. I love frozen cherries and a little almond essence and teaspoon of raspberry jam so it tastes like cherry bakewell.

Lunches will be whatever we have. I am trying to save my pennies to shamelessly blow on the BlogOn raffle next week so I want to use what we have in the cupboards. Lunches could get ..weird.



Brio is a brand I grew up with. Some of the Brio in Moose’s toy box in fact IS the Brio I grew up with!

A few years ago my Dad decided to clear out his loft and gave me tubs of our old toys. One tub had Brio train track in it. Considering that I am <cough> nearly 40, it goes o show that this stuff seriously stands the test of time.

Recently we were sent the Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter. Moose hadn’t really played with his train track in a while and to be honest I had started to wonder whether it might be best to pack it away. Just a few days before the Helicopter arrived though he suddenly became interested again.

It’s quite nice now that he is a little bit older. It used to be that I would build the track and he would play with it but now, he really enjoys planning out where the track will go and putting it all together. He possibly enjoys that aspect more than running his trains along it even.

Inside the box

Included in the Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter are 8 pieces; 1x Cargo Helicopter, 1x Figure, 2x Wagons, 2x Wooden Loads, 2x Container

What did we think

The cockpit of the Helicopter opens to fit the figure inside which Moose loved and the figure itself is nicely detailed down to a little headset.

With a moving rotor (is it a rotor? propellor? turny bit?) on top, Moose had great fun loading up the helicopter and ‘flying’ around the room.

The back of the helicopter opens up easily for little fingers so that the cargo can be put inside. The cargo so far has consisted of the actual Brio cargo and also mini figures and even some chocolate eggs from Easter.

All Brio is made from FSC Certified wood. The Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter feels nice and sturdy. The trains, wagons, carriages, and road vehicles all feature the classic BRIO magnetic couplings allowing for easy connection to each other. Although, the helicopter itself will not fit onto the track due to having a trio of wheelbases.

I know that this will be a toy that Moose will get loads of play out of. Who knows, maybe his children will too someday! The Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter is available from the Brio website and is priced at around £34.99

This product was sent to us in exchange for an honest review. All opinions remain our own.