The TX40 Gioteck stereo gaming headset is one year in design, detail, research & development. The TX range specifically meets the demands for the new generation of console and gamers alive, the range delivers on features, quality and design. I love the black and copper look of this headset! You can pick yours up from Argos.

Skin Doctors have a product called instant facelift. Now, I am not saying that the Mum in your life needs one but odds are that she wants one. Check out Skin Doctors for more stocking filler ideas she will actually like.

So Bess will be a teen in less than 1 month. She is still a total bookworm and I am a big believer that you can never have too many books. I know she will love these titles from A Great Read

Offering a little twist on Christmas tradition here is some coal they might actually like to find in their stocking! Whether it be a charcoal face mask or a charcoal teeth whitening powder, ProCoal have you covered.

Now you can sit all day, on even the hardest chair, and still feel comfortable! The JML Egg Sitter’s honeycomb design is constructed of Elasticore that absorbs pressure points by collapsing in on itself. That’s why even an egg won’t break under pressure! Plus, Egg Sitter stays cool to the touch, and allows air to circulate underneath.



Vie Healthcare’s NEW Moroccan Hammam Spa gift pack offers a touch of luxury. With Beldi Black Soap, Rhassoul Clay from the Atlas Mountains and Argan Oil, it’s the perfect spa gift for that special someone, and of course yourself. The set comes complete with an exfoliating kessa glove and ethically sourced coconut spoon. You can find yours on Amazon

Mean Girls was one of my favourite films.

It’s a musical now and my daughter loves it. You can pick up some pretty cool Mean Girls merch from Very

If you’re looking for a non alcoholic drink for the more health conscious then Botonique would make the perfect gift. It contains the beneficial elements of Prelixir®, a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which alcohol is known to deplete. This unique element means that Botonique is able to provide anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, alkalising, detoxifying and hydrating benefits.

Who doesn’t love an annual for Christmas?! No matter how mature you think the recipient may be, I guarantee that the prospect of being kept busy with an annual relevant to them will make them smile.


The Magnimarble set from Blank Canvas Cosmetics is a great gift choice for someone who likes to invest in their make up! 10 gorgeous marble infused with copper ferrule and magnetic base brushes, not only beautiful to look at but all multi functional. The magnetic frame to display your designer brushes in a number of positions-upright/upside down. The brushes are packed in a luxury keepsake gift box

If you are buying for a new Mum or Mum to be, Halia Rose have you covered. A gorgeous combination of accessories for Mum to feel stylish and help soothe baby. This is THE perfect gift for a mum! This Mama & Baby Gift Set includes your colour choice of Bola necklace, Hex Bracelet & Elephant Teether.

Why not treat the person you are buying for to a little treat? Benessence offer a range of organic luxury cosmetic products to suit most skin types.

A good quality brush set is a must for any make up enthusiast. This set by Nanshy is cruelty-Free, PETA and Vegan approved and is weighted for ease of application.

Christmas afternoon is all about relaxing and playing games. We loved all of these games this year and think they would make great choices for family fun!

BUFF have a massive selection of multi functional headwear to keep your loved ones cosy this winter and they make a great gift choice!

The new Yankee Candle Charming Scents collection offers a decorative way to provide long-lasting fragrance in your car. Each Charming Scents refillable fragrance locket includes a refill, bangle and a ‘Yankee Candle’ charm to add a sense of glamour as well as diffusing a beautiful aroma. Choose from three elegant metal lockets to suit your personal style – including linear, geometric and square designs.

The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring is a simple solution to snoring that actually works. The Good Night Ring works using ancient tried and tested acupressure technology on two specific points. You simply wear the Good Night Ring on your little finger at night. Simply slip the ring on your little finger 30 minutes before you go to sleep and let the acupressure stimulators go to work to open up your breathing passages whilst you sleep. The Good Night Anti-Snore Ring is safe and easy to use.

Paladone are a great choice for gifts

Enjoy a cuppa with your favourite characters from the Harry Potter books and films with the Harry Potter Character Mug. This super-cute mug features caricature drawings of a whole host of wonderful characters from Harry himself, to Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, Dumbledore and many more. This standard sized mug has a printed design and is the perfect accompaniment to your next tea break. The Harry Potter Character Mug makes a fantastic gift for lovers of the Harry Potter series.

See your name in lights with the Scrabble Tile Light – a mix and match letter light that enables you to create your own messages in classic Scrabble tiles! A stunning light based on the classic word game, the Scrabble Tile Light features 7 x light up Scrabble tiles that illuminate once placed on the Scrabble tile rack. The light also includes 60 x different mix and match reusable letter stickers, meaning you can make your own name or personalized message in inimitable Scrabble style, then see it light up when the tiles are placed on the base. Each letter sticker has the design of a classic Scrabble tile, even including the correct points allocation in the bottom right corner making it a great gift for fans of the popular word game.

Putting you in the picture.

The wide angle illumination lens, Evoko Groupie is the portable wide angle illumination lens that you can attach to any device. It sticks easily on the existing camera – enlarging and lightening up the field of view.

Finishing Touch Flawless will completely remove hair from lips, chin, cheeks and even downy ‘peach-fuzz’ that all women get that can ruin a fine-powder foundation or catch sunlight in photographs. Best of all, Finishing Touch Flawless looks like a designer, boutique lipstick so you can keep it in your purse, bag or pocket and use it anywhere without drawing attention

An empowering Christmas gift for our daughters (and sons!)

Fed up of Barbie dolls and princesses still dominating Christmas shopping lists? Top Quarkz by The Remarkablz is a 2018 take on Top Trumps, showcasing some of the best female (and male!) STEM role models to our daughters, nieces and goddaughters.

Stationery and make up is always a safe bet for teenagers and I have picked up some great budget buys from B&M this year!

Some of the items featured were sent to me in exchange for inclusion. Some were items I bought. All opinions are honest and my own.

My knowledge of the periodic table is summed up in 2 points. 1) I know that Sheldon and Leonard have a periodic table shower curtain in The Big Bang Theory and 2) I know I don’t know enough about the periodic table.

That said, aside from a couple of questions on University Challenge I don’t believe I have ever had cause to use knowledge of the periodic table in my general adult life. However. We were recently sent a board game called FReNeTiC to review which is themed around the periodic table. I must admit that due to my aforementioned almost complete ignorance I was worried about how well I would fare against my opponents.

Spoiler alert: I won.


The idea of FReNeTiC is that it’s a word game with a difference. But make no mistake, despite its periodic table theme it is much more about words than science.

Play is started by player 1 choosing 8 tiles and placing them on their corresponding square on the board. All players then attempt to make words using the tiles on the board before the timer runs out. Player 2 then chooses 4 tiles and all players again attempt to make words from tiles on the board. Scores are added up using the atomic numbers on the tiles used.

Play carries on until somebody reaches 1000 points.

I really like this game. It might be my favourite board game of 2018 actually. I am in favour of toys and games which point toward STEM learning and we found that FReNeTiC prompted Bess to ask questions about the elements. I also like that you could quite possibly learn a fair amount about the periodic table almost incidentally really.

…..and maths, too

So as well as using our grey matter to find words. FReNeTiC also encourages learning about the elements and because the atomic numbers tended to be some pretty big numbers, Bess also got a bit of math practise too. This is a great educational game. I would definitely recommend it.

FReNeTiC is available from Amazon and John Lewis as well as lots of other shops.

We were sent a copy of the game to try it out and give our honest opinion.

Because my work involves being a bit creative and effectively playing with what Moose refers to as “grown up playdough”. I really quite like it when I find a toy that the children can sit up to the table and play with alongside me. Playfoam ticks pretty much all boxes where that kind of a toy is concerned.

Playfoam is a super lightweight non toxic playstuff which resembles polystyrene balls (think the inside of beanbags). They are coloured and they smoosh together but they never go that horrible murky grey colour. Playfoam is sticky but not in a sticks to everything and never be able to clean it up way. It is pleasantly sticky. If that’s a thing.


Moose really like the blind bag aspect of this toy. Within the Playfoam is a creature. There are 12 to collect and included is a little tick sheet so you can mark them off as you go. We were lucky enough to find a golden creature too!

I really liked this toy and I could see it making a really good stocking filler. It is definitely something I will be looking out for in the shops for Moose. Despite trying to think of any cons I really can’t. It’s easy to play with, pretty clean and it encourages imagination!


I am determined that this year that our Christmas will be more about being than about buying.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The children love toys and gifts and of course they will have some but I am trying to concentrate my efforts on the other “stuff”.

Family is very important (just as well, we don’t have a small one) and growing up there were things we did every year and I remember them fondly. Hopefully one day I will be able to give my own children some memories like that.

One of the things we do every year is to give the children a pair of new Pyjamas. I love Christmas pyjamas and over the colder months my lot seem to want to come home from school and get straight into their PJ’s and dressing gown. Who can blame them?

La Coqueta kindly sent Moose a pair of their pyjamas for him to try out. I really love how well packaged they were. Wrapped in tissue paper and presented in a cotton drawstring bag.

The detailing on the pyjamas is really lovely. The red gingham with a little bit of green and white reminds me of candy canes.

I think I will always prefer the traditional pyjama style to the more contemporary alternatives. I don’t mind clothing with characters on it but I think they have their place and besides, the traditional ones always look nicer in photos. It’s all about the ‘gram!

Moose loved his new La Coqueta pyjamas. The material they are made from is a lightweight cotton but they seem to keep him warm. They are machine washable but don’t tumble dry them. He loves the little pockets and he has stashed many small toys in them already.

I really rate these pyjamas highly. They would make a lovely gift and I will definitely be using La Coqueta in future!


we received the featured product in exchange for our honest opinion.


One day the week before last, I woke up feeling a little more tired than usual. I mean, I am always tired these days but on that particular day I just felt, a bit, wrong. I (like most parents) took a paracetamol and soldiered on.

The following day I woke up feeling like utter rubbish. I had a raging temperature, my body ached, I could barely manage to lift my head off my pillow. Luckily it was a Saturday so I stayed where I was and let MrG take charge of the kids for the day.

Sunday wasn’t much better but at least I could get out of bed. By Monday I was still running a fever and I had noticed (using my phone as a torch – handy) some white spots on my tonsils. I relented and made myself an appointment with my GP.

The gods were clearly smiling on me. The usual hour long wait didn’t happen and I was able to be seen almost straight away – praise be the NHS! My theory is that I looked like death warmed up and they just couldn’t risk leaving me in the waiting room for too long. You know, in case I scared the other patients.

The Doctor quickly confirmed that I had Bacterial Tonsillitis and sent me on my way with some Antibiotics.

So, it turns out Tonsillitis is actually the worst. If someone tells you they have it you need to heap sympathy (and ice cream) upon them.


If you do have to deal with Tonsillitis I recommend the following to help alleviate the symptoms

  • Get plenty of rest. If you cannot sleep then binge watching Netflix also works.
  • Ice pops (or ice poles depending on where you are from) are said to feel good on your throat but I preferred straight forward ice cubes or ice chips.
  • Jelly and ice cream is easy to eat. Soup is ok but not too hot!
  • Anaesthetic throat spray was a lifesaver for me. It just numbs out the whole area. Bliss.
  • After the initial very painfully sore throat I found that cups of tea with a little honey were very soothing.
  • alternate paracetamol and ibuprofen to help with the pain.


I feel tons better now and I did lose nearly a stone in weight by existing on jelly and ice cream for 6 days so there is that…