International Day Of Happiness

Yesterday was the International Day Of Happiness and it was a Monday. So I am late as usual but I refuse to be constrained by the calendar, surely the point of happiness is that we take an active role every day anyway.. Yesterday was a day for thinking about what I value in my little world so as Real Mum Review did, I would like to begin this post by throwing out there a quote I like..


happy quote


Here are the 10 things I have in my world which make me happy (in no particular order)

My children are weirdos. Just like me. All of the best people are weirdos. They make me happy in some way every single day of their lives – admittedly some days the way they make me happy is by going elsewhere but still. Happy. All three are growing up incredibly fast and all three make me proud in their own way. My children make me happ

Music is and always has been something I love. I mean REALLY love. Not just 1 band or a particular genre (though alt grunge rock will always hold a special place in my heart) but any music. I am in awe of anyone who can produce it and there is nothing I like more than to discover something or someone I haven’t heard before. Given the choice I would pick Music over Tv any day of the week. Music makes me happy.

My Husband is not what I thought my Husband would be when I used to imagine life as an adult. Not least because I decided from around the age of 11 that marriage was not my cuppa. He is the single most infuriating person I have ever met. He can be selfish, he can be arrogant and he rarely says he is sorry. Just like me. When we met (cough) 15 years ago though, something clicked inside of me. I hadn’t felt about anybody the way I felt and still feel about him. I can’t even say for sure what that is or why but to paraphrase a much loved blue fish. When I look at him, I’m home. My husband makes me happy.

I am incredibly lucky to be able to stay at home with our children AND do something I enjoy to make a little bit of money. For those of you who don’t know, I make clay cake toppers for a living. It’s something which started out as a hobby when I started playing with clay as a child and has grown into something else since becoming a Mum. I adore (most of) my clients and after years of working in customer service handling complaints it’s so lovely to deal with people in a happy period of their lives! My “work” makes me happy.


I have some wonderful people in my life right now. Some are close by and I have met through my children, 1 I have known forever, and a lot live far away. To have people in the world who understand you and your sensibilities (and stick around anyway) is not a thing I have always had. I worry about and miss my best friend every single day but I am glad that we seem to have weathered the distance between us. My friends make me happy.

I couldn’t imagine life without my 2 sisters and 2 brothers. We all live relatively close to one another and we all have children AND at the moment we are all on speaking terms. Miracle! I love that my children are growing up alongside their cousins and I adore all of them like they are my own. I am immensely proud of my siblings and I count them all as very close friends. My siblings make me happy.

When we moved back to Cambridgeshire we bought this house because it had potential. in the 9 years we have lived here we have worked on it – building a downstairs shower room, adding a kitchen diner and some outside work. There is still masses to do though. Sometimes it feels as though we will never finish but I really like living here. We have masses of outside space, it’s just a shame I am so bad at gardening. My home makes me happy.

I have always had a bit of an odd relationship with food. In the past I have blamed it for my weight and for my unhappiness. Even my depression. But I was directing the blame in the wrong way. It wasn’t food, it was me. If I eat the right food it makes me happy. Food makes me happy.

I like to leave. I love travelling with my family and I wish we could do so much more of it. Some of my earliest memories were of exploring the channel islands with my Grandad. Leaving my home town still gives me the biggest butterflies. In the best way possible! Hopefully I am passing this hunger to see places onto my children. I cannot think of anything better than exploring outside of what you know. I hope in the years to come that I will be visiting my children wherever in the world they might be and that they go and see what they can before they feel tied to one place. Travel makes me happy.

tenerife view from compostela

I spent a lot of time over the years concentrating on the negative things about myself. There is something about being around certain people which opens your eyes a little bit at least to how the world sees you. I think being over 30 helps. I certainly wasn’t my biggest fan in my teens or my twenties. Turning 30 made me take a second look and I realised that how I felt was a result of either being grossly unfair to myself or giving too much credence to how others might think about me. I couldn’t care less anymore. Those who know me, know my heart. Nobody else’s opinion matters too much. I am stronger than I thought I was and although I do have things I would like to change about myself I know I can do it. Accepting myself makes me happy.

I think we all could do with a bit more positivity so I am tagging a few of my fellow bloggers to get involved and share 10 things which make them happy. You too, reader! Comment below with something that makes you happy.


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Cinema and Screaming Females #littleloves

This week I am taking part in #LittleLoves with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat, its a great series and I enjoy reading the other posts so thought I might get involved!


Not a great start. Aside from Bess’ awesome report from her teacher on parents evening I haven’t managed to sit down and read anything… Oops!


LOGAN! In an actual cinema with my Husband and no kids. It is a very rare occurrence for us to go anywhere as a couple so this was kind of a big deal.

There has just been a major overhaul at our local cinema. Gone are the sticky floors and now we have leather electric recliners with cup holders.


The film was great (if not a little bit depressing to be honest), I had popcorn and a bucket of sprite and a good time was had by all – I only got marginally cross with the foot tapping packet rustler seated nearby.


I am a little bit obsessed with Screaming Females at the moment and this is my favourite.


We made a planter! Admittedly as with most of our endeavours as Husband and Wife, I had the idea and MrG brought it to fruition but ideas are hard so I feel like really the workload was 70/30?


The plan is to sort some of the garden out this year. Sadly I cannot see a holiday in our near future so we will have plenty of time to devote to the cause hopefully. Only trouble is that I am really, really bad at gardening. Really bad.


My Garbage tour t shirt from last year. I have loved them since I was a teenager (which actually wasn’t even that long ago so there!) and I am still head over heels for them. 2016 garbage tour t shirt

Garbage’s music was the first thing MrG and I bonded over so they might even be counted as being partially responsible for our marriage.

and lastly…

We have enjoyed some lovely sunny days and our last week with MrG before he starts his new job on Monday.


I will be kind of sad to not have him grumbling about the place all day but I am looking forward to having some kind of normality back!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Lunch idea for Moose!

lunch bag and boy
This week Moose Is Beginning A New Chapter

He has been attending 2 afternoon sessions at preschool for a while now but this week will see him attend for 2 full days!

We are both looking forward to this immensely, we took a trip to the shops over the weekend and Moose picked out a lunch bag because full days means that he will need to
have a packed lunch. Incidentally Breadmakers by Panasonic are now on my wish list – the reason will become apparent later. I am definitely going to get some use out of one!

Suddenly I am panicking about what I can include in his shiny new lunch bag. I know he will eat fruit so that’s going in. Not bananas though for obvious reasons. When I was a child a standard lunch was a sandwich, fruit, crisps and a chocolate biscuit. I have it on good authority that including crisps and a chocolate biscuit will anger the packed lunch gods so they are out. 

Problem is, Moose is not a sandwich eater. He likes bread. He likes filling. Assemble them into the form of a sandwich however and he is not a happy bunny. 

I need to think outside the box

Maybe he doesn’t need a sandwich? I could give him bread but make it a bit less sandwich-ish in a bid to dupe him into eating it, right? 

So here is the plan. A foolproof way of smuggling a main aspect of his lunch and getting past his sandwich radar. Drum roll if you please..

Pizza swirls 

Moose loves pizza! This cannot fail. Plus it has the added benefit of allowing me to sneak some five a day in the form of the pizza sauce. WIN! 

There are loads of recipes online for pizza dough. Here’s one from Honest & Truly If you have the Panasonic breadmaker (hint hint Mr G) then it’s even easier, pop your ingredients in and you are away. If not then you are going to be kneading.

Once the dough is formed. Roll your dough out, pop your sauce on the base and top with cheese (and whatever else your munchkin will eat. Here it’s ham and pineapple). I won’t patronise you with what constitutes a pizza. Surely everyone knows this information? Go here if you really need more guidance.

Resist the urge to cook the pizza as it is and instead roll it out to make a large pizza sausage. Yes, pizza sausage. Technical term for sure. Roll it nice and tightly or you will unravel and nobody wants that.

Now slice your sausage into 2″ thick rounds and lay those out on a greased baking tray. Don’t cook them yet. Let them sit in a warm room for about half an hour. This will give the dough time to prove and makes for a better dough. Now you can bake. 180 degrees for about 20 mins.

When they are cooled pop them in the fridge and eat cold in a packed lunch or warm them up for a delicious treat when your child is at preschool and you can enjoy peace and quiet! Oh how I will enjoy the peace and quiet..


Mummy & Moose

Disclosure: This post includes sponsored content but all views and opinions are my own.

Moose Visits The Hairdresser (and nobody got bitten!)

boy having a haircut
The boy has some sort of Rapunzel gene. 

Moose is 2 years old and has always had lots of hair. He was born with a shock of dark locks and despite my best efforts at home the most I have managed is to keep his fringe in check. He did go to a hairdresser once before when he was a little over a year old but it didn’t go well. 

On that occasion he refused to sit down, refused to sit still and no amount of funky car shaped toddler chair was going to persuade him that letting the (by now) very nervous lady near his head with a pair of scissors was a good idea! We ended up with the hairdresser on the floor with Moose and the result was the trimmest of trims. Really not worth the tantrum. 

Fast forward a year and a bit and his hair really was getting a bit too long and had passed the point of ‘surfer dude’ into “what a pretty little girl” 6 times a day from strangers.

Moose IS pretty but as well as the girl comments I was starting to get a bit hacked off with the world and his wife offering up their opinion on what I should do with my child’s hair. I once counted 14 “Oh you should never cut it off” comments. 14 separate times relative strangers and some acquaintances thought it was a good idea to say this out loud. It wasn’t a good idea. 

On Tuesday I gave Moose a morning bath and while trying to comb through his now past shoulder length locks I decided it was time for a haircut. I called our local salon and crossed my fingers that Moose might just cooperate – I wasn’t hopeful. 

I should have known.

Should have known that as soon as I began warning the hairdresser that he hates getting his haircut and he recoils at the sight of scissors, that he would be the model client just to prove me wrong.

He sat still, he turned his head when asked, he didn’t try to rip his little doggy apron off and he didn’t scream and kick and insist that he needed to be on the floor playing instead of getting his haircut. Result! 

I however had to actively stop myself from getting emotional at seeing the pile of Moose mane on the salon floor..


Mummy & Moose


The Ordinary Moments

Terrible Twos

I am a hypocrite.

Every single day I am reminded of how much I detest labels and trying to pigeonhole people into being one thing or another. My belief is that it almost always does more harm than good and yet I am just as guilty of it.

A teen, a tween and a toddler. That’s my reply when asked about my kids. But Col is more than a teen, Bess is not just a tween and Moose is so much more than a toddler. 

Terrible two’s? 

I think I hate this term most of all. We bring our child into this world and we dote on them. We feed and nurture them and then the moment they begin to develop their own sense of their little selves? BAM we slap on the label of “terrible two’s”. For what? For acting like a toddler? What were we expecting?

There are articles in loads of parenting magazines telling us how we should “tackle the terrible twos” but maybe we should be looking at things a little differently if we want to do this successfully. I think it should be less about tackling and more about understanding. Them and us. 

Try to think about this from your kid’s perspective. 

Your little darling is throwing himself on the floor in screaming rage because you “broke” their banana (a Moose favourite). It might seem silly to you but to him, it’s a very real and perfectly valid reason to feel upset. He is a tiny person trying to deal with feelings too big still for him to contain let alone understand. 

During a tantrum any parent will tell you that reasoning with the child is not an option. That’s because the fight or flight part of their brain has taken over and they are attacking and defending rather than thinking and listening. With this in mind it is probably a waste of time trying to talk them out of it.

Deal With It. Or Don’t.
  1. I am a big fan of just letting them get on with it (and if it’s safe to do so, moving yourself away while they do) 
  2. If you can sell them the idea that they now have 2 bananas then great! It worked for my daughter, never has for Moose though. 
  3. If you’re in public don’t assume that you are being judged harshly. Most people are probably just trying to sympathise. 
  4. Try to stay calm. Easier said than done, granted, but if you can then it helps. A lot. 
  5. When your kid calms down (and they will, promise) then talk. Validate their feeling and maybe give it a name too. 

boy and legoIt’s not pleasant to have to deal with a tantrum but if you can remember that really they still have so much to learn then I think you are halfway there already.

Add your own tips in the comments below!

Besides, if you think that two’s really are terrible then you my friend have never parented a three year old! 


Mummy & Moose 

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