My Car

Day 3 of Blogtober is about cars. I have been able to drive for 13 years but I know pitifully little about cars. So I will talk about what I do know. 

I have owned 4 cars. An old renault clio, a C3 which I chose because it looked cute but which repeatedly died on me, a Vauxhall Zafira which was kindly written off by another driver on a roundabout last November and then this. A Hyundai Matrix. If you think it looks like an old man’s car, you would be quite right


hyundai matrix


The old man’s car

My children have spent more time in this car than I have. In fact, the day I got it Col and Bess jumped into the back and having opened their secret hiding place, they proceeded to pull out a little plastic horse, a pack of pencils, a few shells and some other assorted oddments. A small handful of memories.

This car used to belong to my Grandpop. He loved to drive, he and my Nan would often have Col and Bess to stay and take them off to the beach or woods for lots of playtime. Even when we moved 150 miles away my Nan and Grandpop would drive in this to meet us at the beginning of the school holidays so they could whisk Col and Bess away for the duration of the half term. As soon as the children caught sight of this car they would get so excited to see their Great Grandparents. To them this car meant adventure.

That was quite a few years ago now. My Nan has since passed away (fuck you cancer) and then last November I was involved in an accident (decided in my favour by the insurers) which resulted in my previous car being written off. 


The shakes

Around the same time it had become apparent that the Parkinsons my Grandpop was suffering with was getting worse. A lot worse. It’s strange and scary to see someone you love be affected by ageing and all that comes with it. Especially when they have to deal with a condition like Parkinson’s too. I think most people know about the involuntary shakes associated with the disease but not about the other stuff. It really robs a person of who they are. Mentally and physically.

The day after I told him my car had been written off, my Grandpop called to tell me that he made the decision to give back his driving license. He said it quite matter of factly (as is his way) but I could hear how difficult and brave a decision this must have been for him. He wanted me to have his car. An offer I was not expecting.

I felt so conflicted about the offer. Of course I was incredibly grateful but also sad. Sad that we had to accept that things were changing. The Grandpop who would turn up and get stuck into some gardening or fix some DIY catastrophe was not going to be around anymore. 

I of course accepted 

So now his car is mine. It has been nearly a year since he signed it over but quite honestly I don’t think it will ever really feel like it’s anything other than Grandpops car. I am ok with that. It maybe isn’t the prettiest car in the world but it has something which not a lot of cars have. It has love ground into the carpets (along with god knows what else) and it has a place in the story of our little family.

ps. My foot still hurts, fingers crossed it’s better tomorrow! 





Babies are overrated


Day 2 of blogtober and I am dosed up on some pretty hefty painkillers thanks to what Google tells me is a trapped nerve in my foot (medial planter nerve to be exact)

I couldn’t get an appointment with a GP even if I wanted one so instead I am treating it with a lively dose of ibuprofen 3 times a day, rest and lots of ice packs. If it goes purple or some other equally alarming colour I will call someone.

Blogtober marches on though and today’s prompt is Babies. 

Babies is the title of one of my very favourite songs by Pulp and also what we refer to very young humans as. I have produced 3 babies in my lifetime and 3 is definitely my magic number. I am so over babies.

People don’t like it when you say that. I sometimes feel, as a woman, that I am expected to want to produce a never ending conveyor belt style stream of babies. After giving birth to each of my little darlings someone would ask “so, when’s the next one?”. As though I would want to jump straight back onto the morning sickness inducing, oedema bringing fun train that is pregnancy. Some people glow in pregnancy. I did not.

1 year old col

A much younger me with a much younger Col

The truth is that I had a taste of life after babies before Moose came along. With Bess and Col both at school I had 6 hours a day to myself to pour into my business. I could decide on a whim to go for coffee with a friend or nip to the shops, and I did.

I could sleep in on Sundays safe in the knowledge that my children were able to make their own breakfast quite happily without needing me at their side.

Days out got interesting again. We could play board games and computer games together. It was actually more fun!

And then there was Moose.

Before Moose I thought our family was complete. I had as many children as I had hands and that, I thought, was enough. Fate (or whatever you want to call it) had other ideas and we found ourselves outnumbered and surviving on no sleep once againand in the company of a little boy who fills my heart to the brim. Who really does complete us.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my children now and I loved them as babies. When Col was a baby he had the cutest little feet which you wanted to nuzzle because it made both of us giggle – you do NOT want to touch teenage Cols feet. Trust me. Now we giggle over our shared love of certain TV programmes. Bess was so cute as a baby, but as she grows toward adolescence she honestly takes my breath away with her brilliance.

All I am saying is that as much as we all love babies, there is a lot to be said for a bit more sleep and for children who are able to tell you with words what the hell it is they want.

So, if you are a parent who is coming to realise that your baby is really not a baby any longer. Don’t stress. The best is yet to come.



About me. Easy, right? Wrong! #blogtober

I decided to join in with blogtober this year. Blogtober is essentially a series of daily prompts put together by Mandi at Hexmum for the whole month of October. I thought it sounded fun! 

So here we are on day 1. The prompt today is About Me, an easy subject right? Well, yes unless you are running on fumes and feeling seriously down about yourself. Are you ready for the pity party? 

I am joking, a little. I couldn’t put you through hundreds of words filled with what if’s and if only’s. It wouldn’t suit me anyway. A bit much for day 1.

tasha dewdney

Who am I?

I am Tasha. I am not happy with the way I look but I really like pasta sooo… I like to think I am fairly intelligent until I do something to spectacularly prove otherwise. This happens too often at the moment. The last time was when I managed to book a (non-refundable) hotel for the week before a conference I was attending rather than for the date needed. Happily I did manage to sort it out but it was expensive and involved many, many swear words. 

The time before that was when I designed some (in my biased opinion) awesome business cards but forgot to add my email address. That’s 2 in a fairly long list. 

I like to hide my insecurities behind humour and sarcasm. I don’t feel entirely comfortable telling you that.

What do I do?

I make clay (mainly wedding) cake toppers and have done for 11 years. I have made all kinds of things over the years and I absolutely love it! I am so grateful that I have been able to stay at home and still make a little bit of money to get by without having to worry about childcare. 

As well as playing with clay I like to spend my time writing my blog. I started the blog last November and now that Moose attends preschool a little more I find it relaxes me to take some me time to just sit and write something. 

Why Blogtober

Because as silly as it sounds, I want to learn to be more open. We are all on this silly journey together (eugh, I know) and maybe sharing with you everyday might make me feel lighter by the end. I hope you tag along and if you are taking part then let me know in the comments – I want to get to know you too! 




Kinetic Rocks Crusher Review and Warning!

A couple of weeks ago we received the Kinetic Rocks playset to try out. I love sensory play but I hadn’t thought of this toy as fitting into that category until Moose and Bess began to play with it.

The Kinetic Rock Crusher set gives children the chance to have some real construction fun at home. Kinetic rock is real rock that magically sticks together making it perfect to shape and mould. The set comes with:

  • 12oz of Kinetic Rock.
  • Dump truck with bucket.
  • Rock crusher.
  • Workman figure.
  • Bolder mould.
  • Tools
  • Transformable sand box.

The Kinetic Rock Crusher playset looked pretty simple to put together so to test that theory, I got Bess to do it. It really was easy and in no time she and Moose were ready to play.

The idea is that the tiny gravel like pieces never dry out. The downside to this though is that it is sticky. Great for playing with but it can get messy. Once this stuff hits the floor you will be picking it off EVERYTHING pretty much forever. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

90 minutes had passed before Moose began to lose interest. AN HOUR AND A HALF. This alone prompted me to immediately order another bag of the rocks You don’t get very much of it and it gets everywhere as previously mentioned so you probably will need more.

I have set aside a tray for him to use while he is playing with it on the patio. It’s a great toy but it is not going to be an inside toy! This would be ideal for an outdoor TUFF tray. I really like the creative and sensory aspects of this playset and Moose is really into imaginative play at the moment so I know he will play with it loads.


Disclaimer: I received a playset in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and my socks are still picking up rocks.

Why Are There Painted Rocks All Over the Place? Love On The Rocks!

A few days ago my daughter was walking home from school when a rock tucked to side of the path caught her eye.

It was a medium sized rock which had been painted with a figure and the words BE HAPPY on one side. On the other side it said LOVE ON THE ROCKS PETERBOROUGH. KEEP OR REHIDE.

love rocks peterborough

We had to find out what was going on so I of course opened social media and there was indeed a page created on Facebook called Love On The Rocks Peterborough. 

What Is It?

The rocks were a project which began in America 6 months after the tragic deaths of 2 little girls named Abigail and Anna who were hit by a car outside their home. They and their family had completed a project for their parents wedding where they had decorated rocks to give to guests and some for guests to write messages on for them to gift back to the family. You can learn more about that here

The idea is that the rocks are painted and hidden in public places for strangers to find. When you find a painted rock you can take a photo and then choose to either keep it or re hide for someone else to find.

Can I Join In? 

Yes! The more the merrier. I think it is a great way to spend family time together and all you need is some large stones, some paint and a little time. 

How Can I Decorate My Rocks?

The beauty of this project is that you are limited only by your imagination. I would probably recommend keeping your design family friendly because there are a lot of children hunting for the rocks but aside from that, there are no limits!

You can check out this Pinterest board for some great ideas and don’t forget to add your local facebook group name to the back so that photos can be shared!

You don’t need to buy expensive paints, any cheap acrylic or even nail varnish will do. If you want to protect your painting you can buy a clear varnish from a DIY store. I would recommend the use of a sharpie for any finer detail. 

Why Am I Taking Part? 

I really love the idea of this project. As well as being good exercise, something we can do together and a great way to use up our old craft supplies I like the sentiment. Each stone is painted with care and will bring happiness to a stranger. You don’t really benefit from it personally other than knowing that you have sent a smile out into the world. I like the message that sends and I think anything which might add to a sense of community in 2017 has got to be a good thing!

If anyone wants me this weekend I will be mostly painting rocks!