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Little Foodies Coconut nougat recipe

One of my favourite aspects of taking a holiday abroad is trying the local cuisine to get a real flavour of where you are. I meant that pun and I am not sorry.

Of the 3 small humans I have created, my eldest 2 have inherited this love of trying new things. I have always preferred to give them a smaller portion of “adult food” and felt pretty good about my parenting in this area. Col was scoffing curries before he could walk and Bess loves sampling cheeses which could make a grown mans eyes water…

Then along came Moose. This child is the king of vegetable refusal. He likes peas and sweetcorn but anything else is met with serious resistance.


If it looks funny – he won’t eat it. If it smells funny – he won’t eat it. If it is touching anything with any kind of sauce? Forget it.

It turns out he is not alone. Emirates have done some research and they have found that over half of parents worry about what their children will eat while away with almost two thirds (64%) stashing failsafe food items in their suitcase. 

With this in mind, Emirates Holidays has partnered up with chefs from their top family resorts to create an exclusive series of ‘Little Foodies’ recipe cards to encourage families to cook together, expand their taste buds and remind themselves of their holiday through local flavours this summer.

You can find more info here

We had a go

I decided to try out the Coconut Nougat recipe with Moose. He hadn’t really tried coconut before and I thought that making sweets might be fun. It was! (once I had opened the coconut, obviously)

How we got on

First of all I procured some of my husbands tools to get started.

Not my usual cooking tools but they were necessary. Gently(ish) hammer the screwdriver through one of the coconuts soft spots and drain out the water into a glass. Drink it, I love it!

Then wrap in clean tea towel and smash it with a hammer. I found thinking about how my neighbours currently enjoy the BeeJees on repeat (at volume) helped with the hammer smash but you can use your own motivation.

Once I opened the coconut (like a boss! I was expecting it to be hard work) I simply followed the instructions on the recipe card.

I was a bit confused by the lemongrass having not used it before. The recipe card didn’t really tell me how I should prepare it so I went with removing the outer woody layer and then hacking it into chunks which I removed after boiling. I could really taste the lemongrass in the nougat so I would use this approach again.


I am really keen to widen the variety of foods which Moose will entertain and this definitely helped! Making our own nougat (although if I am honest the finished result was more like coconut ice?) was really good fun and Moose loved getting involved!

This was a collaborative post but all opinions are as ever my own. Moose loved the coconut nougat and we will be trying more of the little foodies recipes!



Mcdonalds Grilled Chicken Wrap Happy Meal

Last week Mcdonald’s launched the newest addition to their Happy Meal options; the grilled chicken wrap. We were invited to go along to their St Pauls branch in London to find out more and to have a taster!

St Paul's mcdonalds

Mcdonalds has been working with Mumsnet over the last year to find out what parents wanted to see added to their Happy Meal menu.

Over 1,000 Mumsnet community members were surveyed with nearly 8 in 10 wanting to see grilled chicken on the Happy Meal menu. 

The wrap comes with a small tortilla, grilled chicken slices, lettuce and ketchup with tomato, onion, cucumber and if you are into that sort of thing you can now add pickles too.

I really appreciate how much choice there is now when it comes to ordering at Mcdonalds.

There are now 6 choices of main item (cheeseburger, hamburger, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, crispy chicken wrap and the new grilled chicken wrap) and you can choose fries or substitute those for a healthy side such as bag of carrots or a melon bag.

There is also a really good choice of drinks to accompany your child’s happy meal now too with milk or water both on offer alongside old favourites like the milkshakes. Another thing to point out was that I noticed that Mcdonalds have made the move from plastic to paper straws.

All of the above still comes presented in the Happy Meal box (which of course you can now convert to a little tray) with a toy or a book for your child to enjoy.

A Mcdonalds Happy Meal is a firm favourite in our house and as a parent I feel like the table service now available in Mcdonald’s restaurants is a great asset! I remember trying to juggle the tray and pushchair and it was no fun!

The fact that you can now use a kiosk instead of queuing which allows for much better personalisation of your order and have your food brought to your table while your child plays with the interactive table games is wonderful – nobody deserves a Big Mac more than a parent of young children.

This post was a collaborative one but all opinions are my own – including my steadfast love of pickles


3 ways with Rustlers #rustlershack

Bess and Col are always in the fridge.

Honestly, I sometimes cannot believe how much they get through and of course they only ever really want crisps or chocolate. Our rule is that they can help themselves to fruits or vegetables but the other stuff they need to at least try to go easy on!

It’s not just the health aspect which is obviously important but the cost too! As well as those things though it is important to me that they get involved in the kitchen and help out with the preparation of their meals to educate them for the future.

I was recently asked to get involved with the #Rustlershack and try to create a tasty family friendly meal using as a base the Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken burger. I decided that this would be a great thing to do with Col and Bess

This is what we came up with!

Bess chose the ingredients for her creation. Rustlers are known for their burgers microwaveable qualities but Bess wanted to be different. She went for a toasted bun and chose to oven bake her chicken (so it would be crispy) and then she added a grilled pineapple ring and grilled halloumi – salty sweet perfection! She served this with some crunchy vegetable sticks and a glass of cold milk.

Col’s approach was to create what he called the champion of burgers! Again opting for the toasted bun and baked chicken combination to get the best possible texture he added a hash brown, spinach leaves, some cheddar and onion rings along with some BBQ sauce to make a magnificent tower of chicken goodness (his words) and he served that with chips because he is a growing boy!

I have a confession

When it came to my turn I didn’t really fancy a burger. I decided to opt for a salad (both kids rolled their eyes) and I was so glad I did!

I sliced the bun and tossed it in a pan with a little olive oil and garlic powder.  Meanwhile I microwaved the chicken and made my salad of leaves, tomato and avocado. I placed the sliced chicken to the dish and used the burger mayo as a salad dressing. It was hands down one of the tastiest lunches I have ever knocked up in less than 5 minutes!

This was great fun to play around with new ideas for dinnertime and it was great that we could all add our own unique ideas to really make the meals our own. If you would like to get involved you can grab a twinpack Rustlers chicken burger from Tesco!

This post is an entry for Britmums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge, sponsored by Rustlers

Review/Giveaway Vremi Baking Cups and Apple Slicer

Moose attends pre-school from Monday to Thursday. During those days I try to get lots of work done. Sometimes that means working with clay, sometimes it means writing. I am lucky that I love my work so it doesn’t really feel like work at all. Friday though, is our day. Moose and I have the whole day to ourselves to do whatever it is that takes our fancy. I absolutely love our time together and I am trying to push all thoughts of it coming to an end next September out of my mind and just enjoy these moments while we can snatch them.

This week Moose asked if we could make lunch and bake some cakes. It just so happened that I had received the Vremi baking cups and apple slicer to try out so I figured it would be a great idea.

We decided to start with cake

This was entirely Moose’s idea but I didn’t put up much of a fight. We had a Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles cake mix in the cupboard so that seemed the obvious choice. If you know me, you know about my lacking baking skills… Surely not even I could mess up a box mix though!

Moose had great fun making the cake mix and spooning it into the silicone cases. Of course, I appreciate I am late to the silicone baking cup game, this was my first experience of such a thing. I eyed Vremi’s claim of them being non stick with a healthy amount of suspicion. I was however delighted to read that they are dishwasher safe!

Vremi’s set of 24 Nonstick Silicone Baking Cups come in pink, green, blue and yellow and I love how bright and fun they are. Incidentally, the cups did not stick to the cakes at all and emerged from the dishwasher as good as new. There is no going back to paper for us now. 

Slice slice baby

While our cakes cooled on the rack we turned our attention to preparing lunch. Moose loves cheese, apple and grapes with crackers. He is really fussy sometimes so it’s a relief when he requests normal food. 

The Vremi slicer comes with 3 sets of blades designed to cut mango, apple and potato (into chips). I am usually a knife kind of a girl so this too was a bit of a revelation. I honestly thought that this would be one of those faddy gadgets which I would use once and then leave languishing in the back of a cupboard (I am looking at you candyfloss machine). The big easy grip handles means that small (and big) hands go nowhere near the sharp blades so it’s great for when the kids want to “help”. 

I like apples but I have a weird aversion to eating one whole. This handy little gadget though has upped my apple intake by a surprising amount! The kids too. We seem to much prefer to eat pre sliced apple. I am yet to try the chipper but I do believe it will be a game changer

Fancy winning these two great products yourself? Enter via Gleam below: (Ends 17/12)

Win the Vremi Silicone Baking Cups and Apple Slicer #6

I would rather be eating Pizza at Bella&Brava

Autumn is my favourite time of the year by far. The colours, the smells hanging in the air, the longer nights, scarves and gloves. These are all my reasons for loving this time of year. Pizza is also a favourite.

Why then is it that every year this is also the time that I start to pine for faraway places and for the feeling of skin warmed by the sun? My timehop told me today that on no less than 3 occasions over the last few years it has been this week that we have chosen to book a holiday in the sun. Bizarre coincidence or maybe I love the sun a bit more than my conscious self might like to admit! 


I would rather be eating pizza

It was certainly a good excuse to indulge in some holiday browsing anyway. So today while sporting some seriously autumnal layering I could be found daydreaming of destinations. 

Food always plays a big role when we are choosing where to go. I cannot think of anything more inviting at the moment than eating pizza in Venice.

Bella&Brava would be the perfect spot for us.

Perhaps for some a larger menu might be preferable but I completely understand why they have decided to offer just 6 options. I would rather have 6 amazing pizzas to choose from than 20 which are perhaps just okay. Who wants just okay?


From their insistence upon high quality ingredients to their use of recyclable, eco friendly packaging Bella&Brava sound like our kind of Pizza makers. Simplicity and sustainability. The perfect marriage.

I could imagine us eating pizza while exploring places nearby such as the Grand Canal of course and I would definitely order a Venexiana, what would you choose?


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post