Mokuru Fidget Desk Toy – review and giveaway


Poor Bess didn’t tell me she wanted one so I assumed she didn’t. First rule of parenting a tween? Assume nothing.

With this in mind, when we were given the opportunity to review the next big thing in the fidget toy universe we would have been utter fools to resist.

At first glance this piece of beechwood looks like the handle from a skipping rope (it still looks like this after a few glances to be honest) but it is so much more!

The Mokuru arrives with no instructions. We had absolutely no idea what we were meant to do with it other than to “flip it”.
mokuru Fidget Desk Toy

It seemed like a good idea

I thought it would be fun to see if we could figure out this thing without going online. Our method was to (with some force) kind of flip it over and throw the Mokuru down onto the breakfast bar. 5 minutes in and I concluded that we needed some help before we started taking chunks out of the kitchen.

You tube saved the day

So it turns out that Mokuru is already pretty popular. There are loads of people showing off their skills online. We picked a vid and 2 minutes later we were having a go for ourselves.

We were overthinking it if anything. You kind of just gently push it over and it flips itself. Some kind of magic science not meant to be understood by the likes of me but needless to say it was not long before both Bess and I were hooked. It did admittedly bring out our competitive streak but we were soon keeping the Mokuru flipping between each other for ages! The great thing about this toy is that you really do get better every time you pick it up.


We have 2 Mokuru fidget toys to give away. To enter just follow the instructions in the form below! Good luck!

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Terms and Conditions:

1. The prize consists of 2 Mokuru Fidget Sticks. There will be two winners who will each receive one Mokuru fidget Stick. The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered.
2. Open to UK residents aged 18 and over.
3. Closing date for entries is 12:00am on 30th September 2017
4. Mokuru stick may come in a variety of different colours
5. The winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries
6. The winners will be informed within 14 days of the closing date and will need to respond with a postal address within 28 days or a new winner will be chosen
7. The winner’s name will be available on request
8. The prize will be sent within 28 days of receiving the winner’s address
9. Entry to this confirms that participants have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions


Middletons Steakhouse & Grill Peterborough

Despite being born in Peterborough and having lived here for 31 of my 35 years I didn’t know that the walk through from Bridge Street to the back of the town hall has a name. It does, it’s called St Peters Arcade – and that is where you will find Middletons Steakhouse & Grill.

tables and chair steakhouse

Middletons isn’t just any old restaurant

All of the meat served here comes from their own butchery based in Norfolk. Middletons is a large 230 seater restaurant set over 2 floors with good disabled access and stylish decor. I absolutely love steak (who doesn’t?) so when we received an invitation to come along to one of their preview nights, how could we resist?

seating at middletons

So much choice

We were seated quickly by Shona and John came to introduce himself as our waiter for the evening soon after. Following a long look over our menu I decided on the Calamari to start. It arrived in good time and was fresh, crispy and golden. It was also big! Each golden breaded ring was about the size of my fist! An excellent start to the evening.

calamari from above middletons

The menu at Middletons offers a massive array of delicious sounding meals but as we were at a steakhouse it felt only right that we should choose steak. I went for the “Steak & Sticky” which was a 6oz sirloin with a half rack of sticky BBQ ribs and a chilli & spring onion garnish.  All meals from the grill menu come with a choice of 1 side. I chose Coleslaw which was really creamy – perfect for me! The ribs were wonderfully juicy and the meat just fell off the bone.

The star of the show though was of course the steak. My knife glided through my medium rare sirloin without any trouble at all. The meat was succulent and melt in the mouth perfection. One of the best steaks I have ever eaten in fact.

jaymee from the mum diaries blog

After a quick loo break during which I ran into my sister blogger, Jaymee, from The Mum Diaries it was time to order dessert. After much deliberation I decided upon the Creme Brulee. My dessert was the perfect ending to what had been a fabulous meal. 

middletons creme brulee

Would i go again?

Yes, I would. In a heartbeat. There are so many dishes on the menu that I think it would be difficult to get bored here. Prices range from the £50 36oz steak all the way down to the £9.99 set menu so there really is something to suit all budgets at Middletons.

The staff were friendly and attentive without being overbearing and our water bottle was kept replenished throughout our meal. 

I noticed that there is also the facility on their website to pre order your food when you have a table booked – a very useful function when you don’t have much time to spare! 

I think Peterborough finally has the steakhouse it has needed for a long time.


Disclaimer: We were invited to have a meal in exchange for a review. All opinions are as ever our own.

Picturing Hetty Feather At The Foundling Museum

Reading has always been something I have loved to do. bESS TOO!

Ever since I was a small child I have enjoyed the escape offered by a good read.

Bess has thankfully inherited this love and is rarely seen without her nose stuck in a book. Her most favourite author is and has been for some time. Jacqueline Wilson. She has read everything Dame Wilson has written but has a special fondness for a character called Hetty Feather.

You can imagine how excited we were to receive an invitation to travel to the Foundling Museum and have the opportunity to meet Bess’s aforementioned idol!

Getting There

As we don’t often get to spend one-to-one time together I decided we should make a day of it. My brother kindly did his Uncle duty and agreed to look after Moose overnight so that Bess and I could catch an early train.

We hopped on the 7am train to Kings Cross and we were off! It was nice and quiet for most of the journey so we spent time chatting about how excited she was to meet Dame Wilson.

The Foundling Museum

The Museum is found on Brunswick square – the nearest tube station being Russell Square. It is set inside the Foundling hospital which was established in 1739 to offer care to babies at risk of abandonment. The founder, Thomas Coram was helped in his endeavour by the artist William Hogarth and the composer George Frideric Handel. Over the years many artists have become fellows which allows them to use their talent to create a project to inspire and involve young people and contribute to the work of the museum.

In 2008 Jacqueline Wilson became part of this fellowship and she created the character of Hetty Feather.

Picturing Hetty Feather

The exhibition is situated in the basement of the museum. At first glance it isn’t that big but to a Hetty fan I can assure you that it is a trove of delights! As well as costumes and props from the television series you will find other items such as a meal planner for the hospital and a set of rules for Matron.

watching Hetty Feather

I call this look; “sweaty, frizzy tube hair”

As well as things to see, the children could also dress up in some of the costumes from the series. Sadly I couldn’t persuade Bess to do so this time.

It was really interesting to explore the museum and try to imagine the lives of the foundlings and as a Mother I found some of it quite emotional. To have reached the point where signing your child over seemed like the best choice for them must have been so desperately sad.

Meeting Jacqueline Wilson

So, as we walked through the exhibition I saw a small set woman with white hair sitting quietly next to a desk and it took me a minute for my brain to catch up and realise that it was Dame Wilson.

Bess took her place in line (and grumbled a bit about deciding to leave her copy of Hetty feather at home) and soon it was her turn. To say Bess was starstruck was a bit of an understatement. She very politely asked Dame Wilson if she could please take a photo with her and told her that she was a massive fan. Dame Wilson was really lovely and thanked her for her kind words.

After that Bess didn’t stop grinning. We stood and listened to Jacqueline Wilson speak about Hetty Feather and her new book ‘Hetty Feather at Christmas’ as well as a book she is working on about a character called Rose Rivers which will be one to watch out for next year!


£8.25* Adults
£5.50* Concessions
FREE for children, Foundling Friends & National Art Pass holders

An additional £3 applies for Picturing Hetty Feather (FREE for children & Foundling Friends)

*Ticket prices include a voluntary Gift Aid donation


Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 – 17:00
Sunday, 11:00 – 17:00
Monday closed

Joanne Whelan (Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones) is one of the impressive cast from the CBBC series

She just cannot walk past one without having a go (we didn’t get chucked out this time)

We really enjoyed our experience at The Foundling Museum and I would visit again. There are plenty of activities for families over the summer and into September. You can find more information here

 Bess hasn’t stopped talking about meeting Dame Wilson and I hope it’s something she will remember for a long time.


Mummy & Moose


I am in my mid thirties. 35 to be exact and I am beginning to concede that certain things in my life need a bit more consideration. Things which previously I hadn’t really seen as much more than a bit of a fuss. Things like a skincare regime. I have had a facial or 2 on the odd sneaky spa day but every day?

I would love to tell you that I cleanse, tone and moisturise

Sadly, I am not a liar so I can’t make that claim. If I am baring all then you should probably know that a quick face wash with some Aldi cleanser is about as good as it gets – most of the time I use baby wipes. Baby wipes have been a loyal and most useful friend.

Moving on

Receiving an invitation to review the SENSSE ULTRASONIC FACIAL BAR whilst pondering my now impending wrinkles seemed rather serendipitous so of course I agreed.

What’s in the box?

I was pleasantly surprised when my Facial Bar arrived. It comes elegantly packaged in a high quality white cardboard box. The SENSSE ULTRASONIC FACIAL BAR itself is something to behold. You would be forgiven for thinking it might be a microphone (as my 2 year old, Moose, did and does) or something a little more… adult. What it is however, is a white wand measuring 6.5″ tall with rose gold detailing  and a power button and 3 LED’s.

What does it do?

Well apparently quite a lot! The SENSSE ULTRASONIC FACIAL BAR claims to;

  • ENERGISE AND BRIGHTEN YOUR SKIN – Hot and cool face massager gives your skin an instant refresh that relieves skin fatigue and energises your facial muscles for a lasting, radiant glow.
  • SOFTEN AND RELAX FACIAL MUSCLES – The 42°C temperature in hot mode is optimal for increasing blood circulation, relaxing your facial muscles, smoothing wrinkles, and activating cell regrowth.
  • REDUCE REDNESS AND SWELLING – Uses optimal 6°C temperature to soothe sore facial muscles, and relieve skin fatigue; Also reduces redness and puffiness to make your skin look bright and beautiful.
  • INCREASE MOISTURISER ABSORPTION – Ultrasonic vibrations increase absorption of your moisturiser while cool mode closes pores, locking in your skin care product and preventing dirt and grime buildup.   

It looks complicated. How does it work?

It is really not as complicated as it looks at all. Firstly, remove your make up and then press the power button once to activate the “hot mode” and glide the wand all over your face to open your pores.

Next you should grab some moisturiser and either put it on the wand or dot it onto your face and then press the power button twice to switch to “hot mode with vibration”. The ultrasonic vibration is supposed to aid the absorption of your moisturiser.

Lastly, press the power button again to activate “cool mode” and close your pores. Yes you could just put moisturiser onto your hands and rub it into your face but this makes your skin feel so good that you won’t want to go back to your primitive moisturising ways ever again (probably).

Did it work?

In a word. Yes. It worked in that it made me take 5 minutes out of my day to concentrate on myself (which any busy parent knows is something in itself) 

It’s too soon to say whether it has made a big difference to my skin but it certainly feels better and I will continue to use it so watch this space! 

Want to win one?

SENSSE are giving you the chance to win a SENSSE Hot and Cool Ultrasonic Facial Bar (RRP £100)

 For your chance to enter visit the link below. Please note that I am not the owner of this giveaway. Any problems or questions regarding the giveaway please contact them direct.

Good luck!

Win A SENSSE Hot and Cool Ultrasonic Facial Bar #4 


Disclaimer: I was sent this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine!

B&B La Dimora Degli Angeli Florence


Travel has long been something which captures my interest and imagination.

We probably won’t have a ‘proper’ family holiday this year – but that doesn’t stop me thinking about and planning for the future! Sometimes far into the future, when the children have flown the nest and MrG and I are planning escapes on our own.

La Dimora Degli Angeli is a B&B situated in the heart of Florence which instantly catches the eye. Rooms here are all located on the fourth floor and lend themselves to a great view of the Duomo. The name of this boutique style accommodation is aptly translated into English as The Mansion Of Angels.


The Decor

As you can see the stunning decor gives a definite boutique feel to the La Dimora Degli Angeli but all of the air conditioned double rooms come with an en suite bathroom and free wifi as standard making them as comfortable as they are stylish.

Owner Claudio has another equally stylish B&B, La Dimora del Centro, just around the corner overlooking Piazza della Repubblica


Italy is such a beautiful country and Florence is no exception. With several outdoor pools to enjoy and history abound there are plenty of things to do. I love exploring old buildings so I think the duomo (Italian term for a cathedral) would definitely be on my must see list but for MrG it would be all about the food! Luckily Florence would not disappoint I am sure, I could imagine us dining al fresco or visiting one of the many gelato bars. 

We wouldn’t have far to go either because La Dimora Degli Angeli really is right in the heart of the action. Breakfast is not served at La Dimora Degli Angeli but rather you will be given vouchers to take to a choice of 2 local cafes. I quite like this idea – I would imagine it’s a great way for independent hoteliers and restaurateurs to support one and other while simultaneously introducing tourists to somewhere they may otherwise have missed!


La Dimora Degli Angeli does however have a tea room which is open to guests 24/7 giving access to coffee, tea and biscotti galore.


I love the idea of stealing away to the heart of Italy’s Tuscany region but there is no way I would entertain the idea until the children have left home – this one would definitely be adults only! 


Mummy & Moose


Collaborative post with La Dimora Degli Angeli