Crafting Oh So Merrily

I have been crafting with and working with Polymer Clay for many years. I used to buy my Fimo exclusively online from various stores across the Uk. Although it was usually okay, the problem with this was that I coulfotor_146653599418622d never be sure of the age of the stock so the quality varied wildly.

Discovering that there was a shop selling exactly what I needed a mere 2 miles from my doorstep was music to my ears.

This girl LOVES to shop local. There is something incredibly satisfying about knowing that my pounds are going into the local economy and helping out a small business.

I have been shopping with Craft Merrily for years now. They are always friendly, always professional and hold an extensive range of crafting products as well as offering some of the best prices on polymer clay that I have come across. Perfect!

Orders can be placed online or by telephone and various payment options are available. Delivery costs are very reasonable but I like to pop in and collect my order as it is so convenient for me to do so.

As well as crafts they also cover a massive range of fabulous toys for children of all ages. Some craft based and some not – any of which make for perfect gifts. They even offer gift wrapping.


Giant Cookie Company

For his 15th birfotor_145951629303314thday Col requested that he have a giant cookie instead of a birthday cake. He made this request well in advance of the big day but guess what? Yes, I completely forgot until the day before. Awesome.

Somebody mentioned that a supermarket was offering a giant cookie service at the half the price of a well-known cookie chain (rhymes with lilies) so I loaded up the car and off we went.

Unfortunately what the helpful person didn’t tell me during our conversation was that they need at least a days notice and there is no wiggle room. The panic started to set in..fotor_145954134324663

Back in the car I googled “giant cookie” and found The Giant Cookie Company, I didn’t hold out much hope but thought I would chance my arm and call them.

SUCCESS! Not only were they able to take my order, they were much better value for money than that national chain and they were more than happy to deliver. As luck would have it they had a cookie ready that I could commandeer and she had time to remake later for the other customer. Phew!

The absolute best part though is the massive choice of flavours on offer: choc, caramel, mint, lemon, strawberry, banana, orange, choc orange, coconut, maple, choc mint, peanut butter, vanilla and all of those come in any colour. The possibilities are immense! 

As you can see Col was very happy with his giant cookie and it definitely ticked all of the boxes when it came to taste!

I’m always happy to use local companies and especially so when they are as lovely as this one. I would recommend them and will be using them again – this time with a bit more notice.