Micro Motorz – On Your Marks, Get set, GO!

When we were recently sent some of the Micro Motorz to play with I knew that Moose would love them! He (like many children) really likes blind bags and adores toy cars. A blind bag with a toy car theming is a surefire hit. The Micro Motorz are a little bit more than that though.

The Micro Motorz packaging is very bright and colourful. It’s quite large for a blind bag toy. Certainly bigger than I had expected it to be.



The first surprise awaiting you once you have opened your blind bag is a cool sticker which alludes to the team you are about to reveal.

Inside the Micro Motorz bag is a plastic pod with 3 chambers.

There are over 20 different Micro Motorz to collect in the first series including six Nitro Chargerz – these racers pack some serious punch with their powerful engines and are perfect for drag races – there are three regular Nitro Chargerz and three rare ones to collect.

Once you have opened all 3 surprise pods you will have revealed a sticker, a display capsule, a Micro Motorz car, a tool to use with your car, a cool tuning accessory such as an engine or a spoiler and a launch pad to turn your display capsule into launch mode!

A really good feature of this toy is that the display capsules fit together ensuring that you have a fun and easy way to keep your Micro Motorz as you build your collection!

How to assemble your launcher

First of all you will need to take the launcher pad and insert it into the display capsule as shown.

Ensure that the launcher pad is inserted the correct way round.


Attach the blue part as shown and tuck the elastic band around it.

Finally, fit the base plate as shown. You may have to squeeze this down again after you perform your launch. Push the launch pad to the rear of the capsule.

The unique steel ball bearing in the base of each Micro Motorz car means that you can drift, spin and CRASH your vehicles when firing them out of the launcher!

What did we think?

For less than £5 per blind bag I think they would make for a great collectible. I could imagine Moose would have lots of fun racing the cars with his friends and he already has his new toys on display in his bedroom!

Micro Motorz are available from supermarkets and toy retailers at £4.99 for children ages 3+.


Now that Bess is getting a little older she is pretty much past playing with toys. Collectibles however, that’s a different ballgame. As well as the ever growing stationery obsession she has, Bess also likes quirky little things for her bedroom and to share with her friends.

SWAK – Interactive Kissable Key Chain

We were recently sent the SWAK – Interactive Kissable Key Chain to try out and I knew she would love them. I was not wrong.

We were sent a selection of 3 ‘kissable keychains’ from the 12 which are currently available. Here are all of the designs currently for sale in the ‘kissable keychain’ range. As you can see, each design is bright and funky and totally collectable!

Love is out there
Why wish upon just one star when you can wish upon a billion of them? Close your eyes and dream big with Stellar Kiss!

Stellar Kiss was Lexi’s favourite. She really liked the blue colour and the starry design.


Shake it up

Ready to leave your mark on the world? Do it in style with XO Kiss!

Shine on

Lights, camera, friendship! Shimmer Kiss is red-carpet ready to bring the bling!

This was Bess’ favourite.


Each S.W.A.K. Comes with kisstech: a unique sensor technology that detects your cheek and gives you a kiss. The longer you hold it the longer It lasts.

The keychain means that you can attach your S.W.A.K to clothing, your bag or a piece of furniture. If you want to you can also detach the keychain entirely!

S.W.A.K Kissable Keychains also come with a slot in the top so that they can be used as a photo holder. An easy way to brighten up any child’s study area.

Bess and Lex really enjoyed playing with and finding out about the S.W.A.K Kissable Keychains, you can see what they thought in their YouTube video.

What I thought

I think that the fact that there are only 12 is a massive plus point. So many collectibles have hundreds available, at least with S.W.A.K Kissable Keyrings you have a hope of completing the collection.

Especially when each one retails for less than £6! I like that they are pocket money prices, it’s a cute little toy. Each set also includes a little postcard and sticker stamp to play with too.

We were sent these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

We were so excited to get our hands on the 5 SURPRISE Series 2 from ZURU! Moose, like most children at the moment. Is utterly obsessed with any kind of blind bag or surprise toy. Gone are the days when the only surprise toys around were of the Kinder variety or a dodgy claw machine at the amusement arcade. These days surprise toys are everywhere and that means that they have to be good to hold the children’s attention!

5 surprise zuru

5 SURPRISE Series 2 from ZURU certainly ticks the boxes in terms of visual appeal. A medium size ball, the child is supposed to unwrap the ball and then peel each compartment to reveal a new surprise toy. That’s five surprises in total!

5 SURPRISE Series 2 come in 2 colours.

There is a blue one which is wrapped in red and a pink one which is wrapped in purple. Some people may take issue with what is a pretty clear gender division but I quite like that you at least have some idea of the kind of toy your child might get inside each one – that said, a neutral version might be nice to add to the range?

Inside the blue ball you might find a car, a skateboard, a ninja or a dinosaur and inside the pink there could be sparkly sequins, funky stationary and cute unicorns, the new range contains over 200 new toys to collect, including new figurines and rare, high-value chaser toys!

Moose really enjoyed this toy. As I mentioned previously he loves the surprise element but he played for ages with the things he found inside. They don’t appear to have much to tie them together. No real theme but this meant he could use his imagination. We love anything which encourages that sort of behaviour!

All in all I would say that the 5 SURPRISE Series 2 from ZURU represents decent value for money. They are available to buy from all good toy shops (and most supermarkets) at around £6 and they are suitable for children aged 3+. You can find out more about the range on the Zuru website


I first found Vertbaudet over a decade ago when my first born was a baby. I was looking for simple, well designed clothing which would wash well. At the time I remember the high street being overrun with low cost clothing. Almost all of which was covered in cartoon characters. It was refreshing to find clothing which just let children be children. Over time though and as my son grew (and of course wanted to wear nothing but power ranger outfits), Vertbaudet fell off my radar.

Recently Vertbaudet contacted me. They asked if Moose would like to choose some items of clothing to road test. We were happy to oblige!

I thought it might be fun to let Moose choose his own clothes for a change. Here is what he chose;

Moose loved how cosy and warm this grey button up cardigan looked. The sizing was a little on the large size but that just means that he will get tons of wear out of it!

Moose really liked the dinosaur and M on the Navy style dark green jumper. I like that it has buttons on the shoulder to make it nice and easy to get on and off! It looks great with a navy undersweater. The undersweaters are sold as a pack of 3 making them great value for money. I really like earthy colours on Moose. They seem to suit him. 

The teddy style red press studded jacket was a no brainer. It has a great big M on it and pockets which fasten. Moose has more or less lived in this jacket since he received it. It has washed really well! Its quite light but warm too, perfect for the Spring weather.

Do you see a theme emerging here?

Moose really likes the M detail on the items of clothing he chose (as you can see) and I love this outfit on him. The trousers are a soft fleece with an adjustable waist. They are stretchy and looks so comfortable, I want them in my size!

I like how nautical this long sleeved t shirt looks. It looks smart without being stuffy and of course… the M detail.

I think sometimes we find brands that we trust and for me, Vertbaudet is definitely on the list. Now that I have found them I will be using them. There are some incredible bargains in their clearance section. It just goes to show that it is still possible to find kid friendly clothing which looks lovely and lasts without costing a small fortune!

disclosure: we received these items in exchange for an honest review. I have washed and rewashed everything you see here and I am happy to report that every single item is like new.

Jack-Jack the baby might be the smallest member of The Incredibles family but he definitely has the best powers! All of the powers by the looks of things!

Moose has recently launched himself into all things superhero and as a result, The Incredibles has become a regular watch along with the sequel, The Incredibles 2.

When we were sent a Jack-Jack Attacks Doll & Racoon to play with, Moose was overjoyed to say the least!

The Jack-Jack Attacks Doll comes with batteries and is set to ‘try me’ mode. You can change the mode to on by opening  the Jack-Jack Attacks Doll’s sleepsuit at the back. If you do not change the mode, the Jack-Jack Attacks Doll will not show all of its features. Don’t ask me how long it took to figure this out.

Luckily this is not a difficult toy to operate. All you have to do is push his tummy

Just press!

  • Press once to hear that Jack-Jack is happy.
  • Press twice and he giggles like you tickled him.
  • Press once over and over and he will cycle through his different powers.
  • Press and Hold for… Super Powers!


The powers that the Jack-Jack Attacks Doll demonstrates are just like the ones in the movie. He glows red like he does when shooting lasers from his eyes and I love that he glows a little when he sneezes!

I thought that this Doll was really cute – as cute as the Jack-Jack in the movie, in fact it looks exactly like him. Although I wouldn’t say that this doll does an awful lot for an interactive toy but Moose loves baby dolls and he loves superheroes so for him it is pretty much perfect!

The Doll also comes with the racoon from the movie. The racoon rattles and has a soft fluffy tail. You can have the characters re-enact their movie battle or you could do what Moose did and have them take a nap!


Jack-Jack Attacks Doll is available from Smyths as well as other good toy shops