6 Great Slimming World Friendly Breakfast Ideas

There was a time when breakfast (when I bothered) meant either toast and peanut butter or cereal. I don’t like cereal. It was just quick and easy. 

Slimming world rules means that I could still have either of those (yay) BUT if I do I have then used up my healthy extra choices for the day (boo), and I don’t like to do that. I prefer to save them up most days just in case I am feeling a bit depleted later in the day (spoiler: I always feel depleted later in the day) 

With that in mind here are some of my favourite go to ideas for a Slimming World friendly breakfast;

1.Good Old Cooked Breakfast

It’s big, it’s filling and it’s delicious. I love onions so I always add them to the pan with my bacon medallions but you could also use Courgette or chopped Sprouts (think bubble and squeak) or Asparagus.

There are masses of great tasting low syn sausages on sale nowadays but I usually buy the Linda McCartney Red Onion & Rosemary one because I know they are syn free leaving me lots to play with for the rest of the day.


2. Banana Pancakes

These pancakes are bananas – no, really. They use just 2 ingredients; 1 banana and 2 eggs. A cooked banana is 5 syns but you can get 8 pancakes out of that so in my opinion are well worth it! If you add a pinch of baking powder you will have a lighter, fluffier pancake. I like to have mine with berries and a teaspoon of choc shot or fruit syrup (1/2 syn per tsp) 


3. Sausage and Egg Notmuffin 

Roasted peppers, 2 large baked mushrooms, an egg, 2 Quorn breakfast patties (1/2 syn each) and a slice of cheese if you want to use your healthy extra A choice. 1 syn for a great tasting breakfast.


4. Just Fruit

Being a serial breakfast skipper before I started examining how I ate, I do still have days when I just want something very light. On those days I like fruit. Sometimes I even have time to arrange it in a fanciful fashion on my plate – if you think for a second that I got to eat all of this without a 2 yr olds hand diving in, you are very much mistaken! 


5. Baked Oats

1 way to use your healthy extra B choice is to have baked oats for your breakfast. Porridge, sweetener, yoghurt (low or no syn of course) and a little vanilla essence. Just mix it all up and pop it in a cake tin or a dish and cook it in the oven. You can change the flavours, I love adding raspberries and almond essence for a bakewell flavour. 

(Ok so I like this one because it is quite cakey) 


6. The No Time for Breakfast, Breakfast

With 3 kids, a business to run and frankly not being a morning person I don’t always have the time to sit and engage in a proper breakfast. On those days I stick a pan on and hard boil some eggs. This is all stuff I can chomp on while I am shouting like a lunatic at whichever child has lost their shoes 5 minutes before we leave for school. Again. 

So there you have it. 5 reasons for you to start today.

Good luck and let me know what your favourite Slimming World friendly breakfast is by commenting below!

Mummy & Moose x

You Baby Me Mummy


73 thoughts on “6 Great Slimming World Friendly Breakfast Ideas

    • Tasha says:

      Without sounding too evangelical, that’s precisely why I love it! Plus because you can eat anything I can feed the whole family with it which means less work for me – Yay! x

  1. Peter Watson says:

    Low fat yoghurt with a variety of fruits and a teaspoon of Greek honey accompanied by a glass of Cretan olive oil and a mug of Co-op99 tea.

  2. Laura Kevlin says:

    Some fab ideas here – I don’t have one favourite but 3 main ones lol. I love a grilled breakfast, a breakfast muffin with hash browns, and for a special day smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. I’ll definitely have to try using mushrooms instead of muffins when mine and hubby’s diet starts in Feb after my birthday!

  3. Hayley Todd says:

    I love porridge for breakfast in winter, topped with some healthy berries. In summer I love grapefruit but on the weekends, for a long lazy breakfast I love nothing more than freshly made breakfast pancakes with chocolate sauce!

  4. Mel Evans says:

    My favourite breakfast is a full english with all the naughty foods like bacon, sausages and fried eggs. Looks like on Slimming World this is still possible

  5. Patricia Avery says:

    I’m an owl so I’m afraid I can only manage a round of toast washed down with a cup of green tea for breakfast (even on holiday)

  6. Jodie A Harvey says:

    im a “grab a slice of leftover soggy toast on the go” kind of person, having 6 kids means i come last in a VERYYYYY long list. I really should make more effort to have breakfast, it is the most important afteral! I think my perfect breakfast would be a nice bowl of warm porridge with honey and fruit

  7. Victoria Dixon says:

    I have to say that a full english breakfast does it for me every time! Its delicious, it makes me happy and I can tackle the day ahead more positively 🙂

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