A Short Checklist on Essential Equipment for Toddlers

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Raising a toddler is one of life’s simplest yet greatest joys, as you witness them reach milestones like learning how to talk and walk. But this stage of their development can also be quite tiring. Your tiny tots are still figuring out how to properly do things and will need just as much (if not more) help than they did as babies. Thankfully, life with your toddler can be much easier when you have all the essential equipment with you. So read on to find out more about what will make your life easier.

Safety essentials

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Curious toddlers can get themselves in trouble when you take your eyes off them even for just a second! That’s why toddler-proofing your house is an important step to prevent accidents like electric shocks, and bumps and bruises from happening. You can do this by putting electrical covers on all outlets, placing soft table padding on sharp edges, and adding a safety lock on all drawers with hazardous objects inside.

And if there is one thing that all mums with toddlers can agree on, it’s a fact shared in our ‘Babies Are Overrated’ post: Mums need more sleep. If your tot is ready to transition to a bed from their crib, installing a bed rail is a win-win for the two of you. This way, you can have a good night’s rest knowing they’re protected even if they’re rocking and rolling in their sleep.

On-the-go needs

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Being out and about is an exciting thing for toddlers, as they start mastering the use of their legs and learning more about the world around them — even if it’s just you taking them to the supermarket or the pharmacy. But we all know that their little bodies can get tired fairly quickly. And when that happens, it’s important to have a pram that can let them rest wherever your days take you. This is why the various prams featured on iCandy are designed to be sturdy and compact enough to use wherever you go. Look for thoughtful features like drink holders, shopping baskets, and parasols that can make carry out chores with your little one a breeze.

Another thing you’ll need when you’re on-the-go is a handy backpack that can store items like sippy cups or their favourite toy to help ease the waking up process. And be sure to have a car seat that meets government safety guidelines like the Every Stage unit from Joie.

Tools for fun

child holding crayons

Of course, you can’t forget to have fun with your toddler. This precious stage of their life can go rather fast (especially when they love to run around!). With such an array available, it’s easy to get confused about which toys are the best ones for your toddler. A report from Tech Times may just help you streamline your selection. shares a study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology that found that early stimulation can boost their brain development.

With this in mind, you can stuff their toy chest with crayons and building blocks, which can help enhance both their motor skills and creativity. Additionally, letting them play with puzzles is a great way to improve their hand-eye coordination, while also helping them recognise shapes. Plus, you can have a trusty play mat in your home, as it will help stimulate your little one’s brain with its lights and music.


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