How to Stay on Track With Your Slimming Efforts

Body positivity is a wonderful thing, and we ladies should love our figures regardless of the size. However, if you have made the decision to lose a few pounds, you’ll know how tricky it can be to stay on track.

There are some clever little tricks that can help you to stick with your healthy eating plan. Here are just a few to help you.

Staying focused with your slimming

  • If it’s deprivation, it won’t work in the long-term. There’s no point in going on an extreme diet. Sure, you’ll lose the weight to begin with, but because you’ll feel deprived of all the foods you love, you’re likely to slip back into your old eating habits quickly. Plan what you’re going to eat in advance, and make sure it’s delicious, low-fat food. Remember, it’s a long-term lifestyle change, not a short-term fix.


  • Take up exercise. Exercise on its own won’t make you weigh less However, building muscle means you’ll be burning more calories, which is never a bad thing. You’ll also get the adrenalin rush of working out; another great benefit. Do an activity that you find enjoyable. There’s no point going on a five-mile run if you loathe every step of it.


  • Eat regularly. Feeling hungry is horrible. Those familiar mid-afternoon tummy-rumbles can swiftly derail your healthy eating plans! Keep some tasty low-fat snacks close to hand. A rice-cake with a smear of nut butter provides a hit of energy, and is pretty filling too.


  • Don’t ban foods. You can guarantee that if you try to ban your favourite unhealthy treat, you’ll only crave it all the more. Keep it on your eating plan, but eat less of it. For example, if you’ve got a major ice-cream weakness, have a small scoop with some berries as a treat, instead of an entire bowl with chocolate sauce on top.


  • Distract yourself. Don’t mooch around at home, as this will inevitably lead you to wander to the fridge. Instead, get out of the house. Go for a walk. Take the kids out somewhere and do a fun activity together. See some friends. Whatever you do, just make sure it stops you from brooding over food!


  • Give yourself a reward. Humans are hardwired to love rewards for good behaviour. Set yourself a target weight-loss (realistic, of course – don’t be brutal to your body), then, when you hit it, treat yourself to something. Don’t make it food, though. Instead, buy that eyeshadow palette you’ve been hankering after for a while, or a new perfume from a site like Copycat Fragrances.


  • Eat high-fibre foods. Aim to eat foods that are really high in fibre. Fibre’s not only great for your health, but it really fills you up. Good sources of fibre include: lentils, beans, brown rice, oats, peas and wholewheat pasta.


  • Keep track. As you’re getting started (and adjusting to your healthy-eating plan), use an app like MyFitnessPal to keep track of how much you’re eating during the day. It’s an effective way to stop yourself from snacking too much.

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