Living Arrows – week 10 2019

WEEK TEN?! WHAT?! Living Arrows is something I haven’t joined in on for the last <cough> few weeks. To be honest, I find it really difficult sometimes to get out and doing stuff with the children – it really is all in my head. When I am not feeling my best we tend to stay in. It’s not fair on them but that’s what happens!

If you would like to know more about Living Arrows or even get involved and join in then you can read about it here.

Last week we managed to get outdoors and soak up some cloud rays. I would love to say Sun but I would be lying. 

Simple fun

It was really lovely to spend some time in the park with Bess and Moose. It’s rare that Bess is in a park kinda mood so we must have timed it right. The aerial slide has always been her absolute favourite thing to play on at the park. Ever since she was a little one. 

Moose just loves anything he can climb up and jump off. Tick those boxes and he is happy for hours. 

I wish we could have more park days. Sometimes I regret there being a large age gap between them. It was hardly something we planned though. That said, it’s lucky that Moose has so many cousins his own age and that they all actually enjoy each others company. I feel like we are very lucky in that respect. 


Living Arrows

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  1. March 17, 2019 / 3:37 pm

    There’s never a right age gap with kids is there? And I’m sure later in life that age gap will get hardly noticeable. It’s great they can both enjoy the park though. Never worry about not joining in or, if you haven’t been out, share simple things at home instead 🙂 It’s always lovely when you join in though x

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