Every Friday Moose has a day off from preschool. I work from home so I try to pack as much work into the first 4 days of the week. This leaves Friday as our day.… View Post

As a self confessed history geek I am really enjoying the celebrations surrounding the 900th anniversary of Peterborough. It wasn’t always called Peterborough though. Prepare to be taken back in time, back to Medeshamstede, when… View Post

Last week Mcdonald’s launched the newest addition to their Happy Meal options; the grilled chicken wrap. We were invited to go along to their St Pauls branch in London to find out more and to… View Post

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Returning to a restaurant at which you have previously had a wonderful meal is sometimes a dicey prospect. The stakes (I so wanted to type steaks to be punny but I wouldn’t subject you to… View Post