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Air Hogs Sonic Rocket

Moose loves to play outside. He has a few garden toys but now he is bigger he has outgrown a lot of them. Most of the time outdoor play ends up with me being prodded…

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Last year Col was finishing year 11 and looking for something to do for the summer. I happened across a post on social media showing teens getting stuck in to some outdoorsy activities. In the…

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Stuck Indoors For The School Holidays

A few weeks ago something happened which stressed me out so much that my cortisol levels went haywire and it left me with a bubble of fluid in my actual eyeball. My retina to be…

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Alienwork Quartz Watch Review and Giveaway

This week I was offered the chance to try out the Alienwork quartz watch. Happily the email landed in my inbox just as I was attempting to find a present for Cols upcoming 17th birthday. What’s…

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Easter Gift Guide 2018

Easter is all about the chocolate. People might try to tell you that your kids deserve better or more but (frankly) at least when they get fed up with chocolate, you benefit! That said, I…

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