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Project Mc2 Doll Review – Ember’s Fairy Wing Earrings

Project Mc2 is a Netflix original show I must confess I hadn’t heard of Project Mc2 until I was offered the chance to review the “doll with experiment”. Bess was a whole other story though…

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A couple of weeks ago I joined a few new blogging friends to complete my first challenge as a QBlogger for our local Queensgate shopping centre.  The whole QBlogger event was shrouded in secrecy All…

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Peppa Pig Interactive Play Mat Review

Like many families we have a love/hate relationship with Peppa pig On one hand she is very rude and incredibly entitled. On the other hand she has provided my son with entertainment on days when…

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Kuato Famous Five Adventure Game Review

The Famous Five books were a firm favourite of mine growing up. Growing up Enid Blyton was my favourite author and I am pretty sure my bookcase groaned under the weight of almost every book…

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Win Your Own Scary Peeper Halloween Prop

This week I received a head in a box. It would be accurate to say that when the box was opened I did recoil a little bit. This guy is creepy! I guess that’s the…

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