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Why Are There Painted Rocks All Over the Place? Love On The Rocks!

A few days ago my daughter was walking home from school when a rock tucked to side of the path caught her eye. It was a medium sized rock which had been painted with a…

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Mokuru Fidget Desk Toy – review and giveaway

WITH THE FIDGET SPINNER I WAS LATE TO THE GAMEĀ  Poor Bess didn’t tell me she wanted one so I assumed she didn’t. First rule of parenting a tween? Assume nothing. With this in mind,…

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Middletons Steakhouse & Grill Peterborough

Despite being born in Peterborough and having lived here for 31 of my 35 years I didn’t know that the walk through from Bridge Street to the back of the town hall has a name.…

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GCSE Results Day

This is what you have been headed towards since school began Since you donned your first pair of shiny black shoes and trotted off through the doors beginning your school career it has all been…

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Picturing Hetty Feather At The Foundling Museum

Reading has always been something I have loved to do. bESS TOO! Ever since I was a small child I have enjoyed the escape offered by a good read. Bess has thankfully inherited this love…

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