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Learning At Home and School With Education Quizzes

My 2 eldest children could not be more different when it comes to School Whereas Col doesn’t really enjoy putting pen to paper and much prefers a more physical learning experience, Bess is the opposite.…

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Our First Family of 5 Holiday

The Day We Caught The Plane Our first holiday as a family of five was to Tenerife when Moose was 13 months old and I have to admit, I thought we were just slightly insane…

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Thinking Outside The Box Escape Rooms Peterborough

Thinking Outside The Box Its Saturday evening and I am on a desert island with my sister Jaymee from The Mum Diaries and 2 of my children. Our only hope is to work together to…

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A Stranger Took My Childs Hand

Recently Moose and I took a trip into town. Nothing was particularly needed but for a change of scenery and some fresh air. Somedays Moose is more than happy to play in the lounge and…

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International Day Of Happiness

Yesterday was the International Day Of Happiness and it was a Monday. So I am late as usual but I refuse to be constrained by the calendar, surely the point of happiness is that we take an…

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