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BRAT is the word of the day

The Lurgy Is Upon Us Now that the children are back at school, we have tackled Bonfire night and Halloween and Christmas day is coming it’s time for the winter stomach bugs. They are inevitable…

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Crafting Oh So Merrily

I have been crafting with and working with Polymer Clay for many years. I used to buy my Fimo exclusively online from various stores across the Uk. Although it was usually okay, the problem with this…

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Giant Cookie Company

For his 15th birthday Col requested that he have a giant cookie instead of a birthday cake. He made this request well in advance of the big day but guess what? Yes, I completely forgot…

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I Can’t Remember When I Last Fed My Child

I remember the first time. I can recall when he was born the frustration of knowing I had nursed 2 children previously without any issue and the midwife saying that he needed to be given…

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The Good, The Bad & The Itchy

The Good.. When I was pregnant the first time it was a breeze. I was young, strong and of course oblivious – it was before I had regular access to the internet so no googling…

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