Crate Creatures Surprise – Snort Hog

Brand new from MGA Entertainments comes the Crate Creatures. There are 4 new “beast” friends to collect. Each one stands at 7″ tall and comes with 45+ unique creature sounds and with its favourite food.

I thought this would be a great toy for Moose to try and since the Crate Creatures are for aged 4+ and he just had his 4th birthday we agreed to see what they were all about. To say he was excited to get his hands on one was a bit of an understatement.

crate creatures surprise


The first thing we noticed was that on the box it warns you “DO NOT PULL TONGUE”. Of course, as soon as I said this Moose did exactly that and was met with some pretty disgusting noises.

4 to collect

There are 4 Crate Creature Surprise “beast friends” to collect. All with their own origin story and if nothing else, you’ve got to love an origin story!

Each creature arrives in their own crate. This doubles as both packaging and an integral part of the way your child plays with the toy. I love this idea. The crate has a padlock and chain and on the side of the crate is a crowbar. This is how your child will open their padlock and the crate itself.

crate creatures

Snort Hog

This bog warthog hails from the muddy jungles of Tuskk. Unlock him from his crate to discover the slimy snot that squirts out of his nose, knock him over for his snotty growls and record your own message to hear him grizzle back. Listen to him crunch on his corn dog with over 45 unique sounds of appreciation for his favourite food.  Take it away before he’s had his fill though and watch his four furry arms flap up in horror. Get him back in his box, and lock him up before he gets too mad!

When the Crate Creature arrives it will be in demo mode. To access all of your new toys functions you will need to open the velcro on its back and switch it to on. It has a loud and quiet volume setting too. A shiny star to the person who included this feature.

This toy does come with 3x AAA batteries but how long they last will depend on how much they were pawed at while still in the shop. 

What did we think?

I did wonder whether Crate Creatures Surprise would be worth it’s £39.99 RRP. That seemed quite expensive at first but I was surprised by how good the build quality of the crate and the creature was (it’s fur is super soft) and by how many features it has such as being able to record your own voice.

It feels like it would last a long time and Moose has played with Snorthog daily since he arrived. I would say that this toy would be perfect for boys or girls aged 4-10.

Moose loved that Snorthog made farting, burping and grunting noises and that bogies can be made to come from Snorthogs nose. Bogies, apparently, are hilarious.

Crate Creatures retail at around £39.99 and are available from Smyths Toys



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