Meal Plan – Emptying the freezer so we can fill it with Christmas food edition

Following what feels like the shortest October in history, we are now in “nearly Xmas mode”. I am still avoiding carbs wherever possible with varying degrees of success. Although it feels like much more of a challenge now that salad season is long gone. Who wants lettuce in November?!

It’s going to be a fairly quiet week for us. Aside from my nephew’s birthday we have no other plans really. Moose’s after school club was cancelled due to a lack of staff and Bess is sitting mocks. I am working weekdays only now which is great. It means that I have weekends free to relax with the kids but I do miss having a couple of days off midweek so that I can be a bit less stressed with getting dinners ready and spellings done etc.

I noticed that our freezer is pretty full so this week I think we will try to eat our way through that lot to make lots of space for yummy Xmas food! It should make for some interesting meals and if November is anywhere near as short as October felt then Xmas will be here before we know it.

This week in food

Monday: Chicken and roasted vegetables with garlic bread

Tuesday: Pork satay with broccoli

Wednesday: Garlic and herb chicken with cauliflower cheese and Brussel sprouts

Thursday: Steak with pea shoots, pear and stilton

Friday: Chicken burgers and chips (mushroom omelette for me)

Saturday: Lamb meatballs with red pepper harissa sauce and bulgur wheat (cauliflower rice for me)

Sunday: Salmon and broccoli with hollandaise sauce (and potatoes for the kids and MrG)


Whatever you have planned for the week, I hope you enjoy it. I would love to hear what your go to meals are? Easier to prepare the better! Feel free to comment below.



  1. November 9, 2021 / 8:05 pm

    Ahh! We are doing the same, emptying the freezer to fill it with Christmas food which is ordered to come on Friday.
    Great meal plan. You have some really tasty meals x

    • Tasha
      November 10, 2021 / 7:44 am

      Thanks Kim. I am impressed that you have ordered already!!

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