Meal planning – Chinese new year edition.

First and foremost I should just say that when it comes to food related festivities I am an unfaithful hussy and will do my best to celebrate each and every single one – remember Halloween? Except possibly Mexico’s Noche de los Rabanos (night of the radishes). Not going to be queuing up for that one.

I love Chinese food so any excuse to eat that is one I am happy to oblige! This year is the year of the ox so it only feels fitting to have something beefy and what is better than crispy chilli beef? I love it and was really surprised when I found a recipe which was so like our local takeaway it was unreal! I will also be trying my hand at sweet and sour balls for the first time. Probably chicken but I might pick up some king prawns as they are Bess’ favourite.

Now that I am working a 40 hour week in one job and trying to get other stuff done too (homeschooling, healing a retinal bleed, making cake toppers and writing) I am conscious that I am cooking less from scratch. Something has to give though to be honest and after a 10 hour day I want quick and easy! I am trying to get around this by having a couple of chuck and bung dinners and then just simplifying the others. Any suggestions for under 30 min meals will be gratefully received!

dim sum in steamer

Our week in food

Monday – Salmon with teeny tiny new potatoes and broccoli and hollandaise sauce

Tuesday – Sausage and fennel pasta bake

Wednesday – Pizza express pizzas (pollo ad astra since you asked..) with dough balls and salad

Thursday – Creamy chicken pie with mash and beans

Friday – Homemade chicken balls, chilli beef, egg fried rice and dim sum. I might make sweet and sour sauce but there is every possibility I will use a tub of mayflower because it is actually pretty good!

Saturday – Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese.

Sunday – Pulled pork, stuffing and apple sauce baps with crispy potato slices and green beans




  1. February 9, 2021 / 5:17 pm

    Wow your friday night chinese meal sounds amazing. Ours will be a box hahaha hope it goes well x

  2. February 10, 2021 / 11:17 am

    IF you have time to put the slow cooker on in the morning I find that great for busy days, but also, if you need some convenience meals don’t feel bad! Some of them are amazing now and still feeding your family which is the main thing when life is busy isn’t it!

    Homemade chicken balls have got me salivating and it’s not even lunch time yet!

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