Personal Mobility in the Wake of the Covid Epidemic: Hike in Used Cars Sales

Humans go through cycles. Some of these cycles are generational. Others occur over a longer term. Such as the rise and fall of civilisations and empires. With the advent of the car, having your own vehicle became a symbol of financial and social as well as literal mobility. Allowing people to easily travel just about anywhere they wanted to go. Following this there was a realisation of the effect of vehicles on the environment. Whereupon the more conscientious members of society invested in bikes, bought bus and train season tickets or walked to work and school instead. And then came Covid-19.

Dangers of Public Transport

Sharing your space with others becomes a problem when faced with the possibility of contracting a serious respiratory virus, with potential long-term after-effects. No longer can you shrug and use a dab of hand sanitiser or just remind yourself to wash your hands as soon as you can. That might work for colds which are mild, or even seasonal flu which is only serious for older people or those with compromised immune systems, most of whom are already eligible for the flu vaccine. The actuality of Covid-19, plus the effects known as ‘long Covid’ add up into a nasty illness from which recovery, for anyone, is not guaranteed.


Costs of Running a Car

For some, the costs of running their car made making the switch to public transport a common sense decision. But, given the huge rises to public transport costs of late, reconsidering this might be a pleasant surprise! Sure, the initial cost of the car will be significant. However a used car is instantly much cheaper than a new model. And thereafter, your running costs will drop to much less than a lengthy commute, especially if it requires more than one bus or train. Insurance and taxes are reduced when you invest in a second-hand car, as they are based on the already reduced purchase price, making the saving continue for the life of the vehicle.


Loss of Eco-Friendly Cred

While you might think that going back to car ownership is giving in to the dark side, in an environmental context, again, this is not the case. Used cars have already gone some way to amortising the ecological impact of their manufacture, and every year that it is in use thereafter continues this process. You might not think of yourself as eco-friendly as you would be on a train. It might surprise you though. Especially if you manage to buy a second-hand hybrid vehicle which has high green clout in its own right.


If you are going back into the office and your skin crawls at the thought of being crammed in close to strangers after all this time. Why not check out the used car market? You can buy used cars at cheap prices from KAP Motors.


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