Simple ideas to update your living room

New Ideas To Update Your Living Room

The living room is one place where we all spend a lot of time. So, it’s hard to ignore when the space becomes dated. It can prevent you from being able to fully relax and unwind. You may not be ready to completely redecorate the room or buy a whole new set of furniture. But making a few updates or having a restyle can work just as well. If this sounds like a good solution to you, then here’s a few ideas to help get you motivated.

Remove dated features

If your living room or lounge is dominated by dated features such as woodchip wallpaper, old fashioned light fittings or an ugly gas fire, it can spoil the look of the room. These can be tricky to remove but will undoubtedly help transform it. Especially if they don’t fit in with the character of your house or the rest of your décor. If you’re removing a gas fire, you will need a certified gas engineer. And changing light fittings may require the help of an electrician. However, things like outdated wallpaper you can do yourself. It may just take a bit of time and elbow grease.

Move things around

Having a good old move around of the furniture can give an almost instant refresh to a living room. But you don’t need to stick to just the furniture. Why not restyle the shelves too? Some people like to reorganise their books by spine colour, others like to go for a more eclectic collection of knick-knacks. Do whatever you feel like! And don’t forget about the walls. Swap your artwork around. Whether it’s moving your existing pictures to a different wall or even switching your pictures between rooms.

Add a new colour

Introducing a new colour is another good way to refresh a room. You don’t need to go overboard or change your existing scheme. Simply add a few pops of one colour to brighten up the room. It could be a few cushions and candles, or a throw and a few picture frames. It won’t cost much to do either. You could go a little further if you wish and add a new accent colour by painting one wall, adding a new rug and tying it into the cushions, throws and ornaments. Just be careful to add a colour that complements the existing décor.




  1. July 25, 2023 / 11:47 am

    Thank you for sharing these simple yet effective tips for updating the living room. I’ve been thinking about refreshing my living room, but sometimes it feels like it’s waiting for better times and more money 🙂 However, your article has motivated me to take a step forward, and I think I’ll start by adding a few pops of vibrant color through cushions and candles. I also absolutely love the suggestion of restyling shelves. It’s a creative and easy way to give our room a fresh look.

  2. September 18, 2023 / 2:10 pm

    Thanks for the great tips! Who would have believed that just by moving and rearranging the decoration and furniture, the appearance of the entire room would change! Yesterday I moved the sofa from the corner to the center of the room against the wall and got rid of outdated items. When my husband walked into the room, he marveled at how the atmosphere and energy of the room had changed while I just moved (and removed) a few things.

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