Teenagers bedroom revamp – the bed

Bess has had the same bedroom since she was 6. We have of course tried to update it in small ways as she has aged but fundamentally it has been pretty much the same.

Her bed is a high sleeper style storage bed we bought from Mrs Flatpack who are based a few miles down the road in Rutland. The bed was chosen because at the time she had a lot of toys and was desperate for storage. I really liked the bed we opted for because it has a built in wardrobe and desk – both things she needed.

A couple of years ago, MrG got stuck into converting the alcove in Bess’s room into a wardrobe which provided a fantastic space for her clothes and has definitely made a world of difference to how she uses her room.

Bess has an issue with her tendons. In simple terms, her tendons haven’t quite kept up with how quickly she has grown and need to be stretched or lengthened possibly with surgery when she (finally) stops growing taller. This makes certain movements like riding a bicycle pretty much impossible and others such as getting up and down a ladder a bit trickier for her than it would be for others.

The high sleeper bed has been brilliant but it has got to the stage where getting in and out of it is borderline painful. So it’s time for it to go!

Picking a bed

So which bed. Bess is definitely not a child anymore. She isn’t an adult either though. Choosing a new bed is not going to easy. I want to give Bess the ultimate choice on what she has. It is her room after all and I would like it stay that way for as long as possible.

We need to take into account though that it won’t be long before Bess is off to university and the room may double as a space for guests while she is away from home. With that in mind, storage and practicality will be key.

Bess and I have picked out a few of our favourites that we have spotted online. I think we have managed to narrow it down to our top 3!

The Amazon find

We both loved the look of this bed. The drawer at the end of the bed would be really handy and we both liked the white wood finish. Early one we agreed that a small double or double would be the best size for the room.

I really like the shelves at the head of the bed but Bess isn’t sure about having that over her head while she sleeps. I suppose that’s fair

The teenagers choice

It has a built in tv. It’s not a hard sell is it. I have to admit that when we went into Dreams and tested this bed I was pretty impressed. Its a good size without feeling imposing and along with having a very swish built in telly, it also has an ottoman feature so is great for storage. As well as this it has ambient lighting and a little slot at the side to pop things like a games console or biscuits. On the side of the headboard there is a hook for headphones.

This bed comes in black leather or grey fabric. We both agreed immediately that the grey was far far nicer. It is pricey but you get what you pay for.

drift bed

The day bed

I really like the idea of a day bed. Lots of cushions to give the sofa look during the day and then easily transform into a comfy bed at night. I remember really wanting one as a teenager and I think Bess quite likes the idea too!

This bed is available in a few different colours but I like this combination.

I think we would buy or make a drawer to push underneath which would offer the storage she needs.

day bed



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