Valentines Day 2019 Gift Ideas

Valentines day is just around the corner and just in case the romance hasn’t died just yet, here are some great gift ideas. If like me you have been married for so long that the idea of having the energy to feel anything other than absolutely exhausted then you can head to my Valentines Self Care Tips. 

On to the gifts then!

Chocolate is a pretty safe bet when it comes to gift giving. Guylian is a firm favourite here and I love the heart shaped box (1990s grunge reference to me, romantic gesture to others). Priced at £5 this one is a no brainer.


Valentines gifts should be a little bit cheesy I think and I love these matching couples keyrings from TheBespokeWorks on Etsy. What’s even better is that you are helping to support an independent seller!


If like many people the object of your affection was a participant in Veganuary, maybe this would be a great gift to show your support. Lots of people who take part in Veganuary choose to stay vegan and a perfect gift for them might be this gift basket of goodies from The Goodness Project

Perfume has been a popular gift for hundreds of years for good reason. The Perfume Shop has a massive selection and are incredibly knowledgeable about how to select the perfect fragrance so don’t be afraid to ask!

As well as a massive range to choose from (I am a fan of a fancy looking bottle and musky/vanilla tones in case you were wondering) The Perfume Shop also offer a personalised engraving service to make your gift even more special!

Did you know that Aldi sell Fairtrade flowers? Also, they are a bargain in comparison to some other shops. I always find that they last ages – don’t be under any illusion that I married a romantic, I buy them for myself. Sigh.

Flowers are a staple of Valentines celebrations, she’ll love them and you will know that you have helped to support a great cause.



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