Bakugan Battle Arena and Bakugan Starter Set Review

These products were sent to us for the purpose of writing this post. All opinions remain honest and our own

Moose is at such a weird age when it comes to toys. On one hand he still has (and loves) his dolls house and soft toys but he is definitely heading in a wholly different direction of play too with action figures and much more complicated games. Complicated for me, you understand, not him.

Moose was over the moon when we were sent the Bakugan Battle Arena and Bakugan Starter Set recently. I had a vague concept of what Bakugan was in that I knew that there was an animated series where there were “brawls” and that it was very popular. That was about it.


Whats in the box?

The Battle Arena

I suspected that the box might be needed as part of the play for the Arena. I picked at the sellotape carefully and managed to open it in such a way that it could be used if needed. This turned out to be entirely unnecessary. You don’t need the box at all. Hopefully the bin men will marvel at my meticulous unpacking. Sigh. Anyway, inside the box you will find:

  • 1 Bakugan Battle Arena
  • 1 Exclusive Bakugan
  • 2 BakuCores
  • 1 Ability Card
  • 1 Character Card

Bakugan Starter Set

  • 1 Bakugan Ultra
  • 2 Bakugan
  • 6 BakuCores
  • 3 Ability Cards
  • 3 Character Cards

How do you play?

How DO you play? This was my thought having read the instructions (twice!)

Having scoured the instructions until my few remaining braincells ached I followed this up with a search on Youtube and managed to find this really helpful video on how to play a basic game. There are more games and brawls to be had and you can find out all about those online or within the instructions if you can understand them – I have a feeling that my teenagers would have no problem at all.

We will definitely be learning how to play the more complicated games but I think that sticking with a basic brawl makes good sense for now!

What did we think?

Well, funny story.. As I write this we are, like the rest of the country, on lockdown. This means that non essential shops like toy shops are closed. Thanks to a slight technical hitch we were not sent the Bakugan through the post and I had to add them onto a supermarket shop. Not a problem except I was entirely unaware that to play Bakugan you actually need to start off with 3 each. Sadly we only had 2 each so we compromised and just played a slightly shorter game but twice. We will definitely be adding to the collection though. It will be a much more entertaining game with lots of Bakugan to choose from. Plus, Moose loves the little creatures.

I like that there is an educational aspect within the game where the players have to read the numbers and see which are the highest to find the winner. I can see the collectable aspect being very popular with Moose. He already wants to add to the collection!

Bakugan Battle Arena and Starter Set are available from Amazon as well as all good toy shops and supermarkets


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