Crystalina Positive Aura Fairy Dolls

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As well as having my own 3 children I am also Aunt to over a dozen nieces and nephews! It wasn’t difficult though to know which of my nieces would love to try out the Crystalina Fairy dolls.

Em is the same age as Moose and she and he have been inseparable since they were very small. Being really close in age (just shy of 3 weeks between them) they have grown up to be best friends and close cousins.

Em is the sort of child who very much believes in magic and is fascinated by the world around her. I knew right away that the Crystalina Fairy Dolls would be something she would absolutely adore.

What’s in the box?

The Crystalina Fairy dolls stand at approx 10cm tall and come in a range of 4 to choose from. Each one is supplied in clear, plastic packaging and includes a magical colour changing Sprite, who comes with a very special amulet necklace and display stand.

The Sprites all have their own positivity aura superpower. Rose Quartz is for love, Turquoise is for healing, Amethyst is for Wisdom and Aventurine is for luck.

Of course the amulets work with the Sprite Fairy dolls and I am happy to note that the clasp on the amulet is quick release which is a great plus point from a safety point of view.

Each Sprite Fairy doll has 10 auras to cycle through and then 1 special superpower which can be activated by simply shaking the doll.

Another cool aspect of play is that when 2 Crystalina Fairy dolls ‘meet’, they can bond and share an aura colour! The shared power is remembered by the doll until they meet another.

The Fairy Sprites also come with a cool moon shaped display stand which has a space in the back for the amulet and one in the front for the doll to stand. They look awesome lit up in the childs bedroom!

What did we think?

Em loved the concept of the magical crystals and Fairy Sprites and to be honest I thought they were kinda cool too. If there is one thing that kids can never have enough of it’s positive reinforcement of their feelings and emotions. I like that the Crystalina Fairy dolls offer exactly that

As well as helping the child to understand their emotions and helping them to feel empowered the Crystalina dolls also have a friendship aspect while being clear that each one has different and equally awesome gifts to bring. I like that about them.

The Crystalina Fairy dolls are marketed as being for girls aged 4+ but to be honest I think they are missing a trick because Moose loved the dolls too! I would say though that most 4 year olds might struggle to understand how to use the dolls – I am sure they would be fine with help and would most certainly love the colours!

Available from Tesco, B&M and other good toy retailers.


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