Funko Games: Marvel Battleworld and Something Wild! | Review

The products in this post were sent in exchange for review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Marvel Battleworld

Moose absolutely loves superheroes. I know a lot of children do but with my child it’s next level. He watches the Marvel movies pretty much on repeat and plays with his action figures constantly. When he isn’t doing that he is making up stories and talking about battles. So yes, he is quite a fan!

He was absolutely delighted then to receive a Marvel Battleworld ball to review from Funko.

What’s inside?

Inside the Battleworld ball you will find

  • 1 Hero, 1 Hero Card
  • 5 Battle Cards
  • 1 Thanostone (containing a mystery Hero)
  • Instructions.
  • 1 mystery Hero Card sealed in black plastic
  • 1 Attack Die
  • 5 Danger Tokens
  • 1 Danger Coin


How do you play?

I will be honest, this is an easy game to play but it did take us a couple of goes at reading the instructions before it clicked. I would recommend watching this how to play video.


What did we think?

Moose really loved playing this game. Once we got the hang of it it was an easy and pretty quick game to play. You can play as a single player but I think it would be much more fun with multiple Battleworld balls. The little character are incredibly cute and well made – the detail is everything you would expect from a Funko figure.

Priced at just £6.99 I think that this would make a really great stocking filler and with it’s mix of collectible, blind bag style and fast paced game I could see it being a really popular toy.

Something Wild Game

Card games are always a big hit in our house. We love games that don’t take lots of time to put together. Even better are those games that don’t take long to play. Something Wild ticks both of those boxes. Better yet it comes with a cute little Funko character!

What’s inside?

Inside the box you will find

  • 45 Character Cards
  • 10 Power Cards
  • 1 Funko Pop Character
  • Instructions.

How do you play?

Something Wild! is a quick card game that feels a bit like a mix of Go Fish and Uno. The objective of the game is to play down a set of 3 cards of the same number/character or a set of 3 cards of the same colour in sequential order, and when this is accomplished you’re able to collect the Power card in play. When you’ve collected 3 of the 10 Power cards, you win the game.

What did we think?

I really enjoyed playing this game and I know Moose did too! It was also a hit with the teenagers. A good, quick game that has an air of familiarity about it which will appeal to the whole family. Definitely a great game to take on a holiday (remember those?)

Something Wild is available to buy from Amazon and prices start from £6.99 making it another great stocking filler idea.


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