It’s Ben 10 HERO TIME

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Our first run in with Ben 10 was waaay back when Col was little. Who knew that more than a decade on we would still be enjoying the adventures of a little boy called Ben and his very special watch – the Omnitrix. 

When Ben wears the Omnitrix it allows him to alter his DNA at will and transform into dozens of different alien species, each with their own unique abilities. My favourites (what? it HAS been over a decade of watching – I’m invested..) have to Heatblast and Four Arms. 

Moose was absolutely beside himself when we were sent some of the brand new Hero Time toys to play with. 

I love any kind of toy that pushes the idea of imaginative play. With Ben 10 there are so many possibilities. The Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix Creator Set encourages not only role play. Your child could play as Ben 10, Gwen or Kevin Levin even! But with the Omnitrix Creator, you can mix and match parts to create your own custom Omnitrix or Antitrix! 100+ combinations!

We loved how colourful and easy to use the Omnitrix was and Moose had loads of fun trying out all of the different colour combinations. He seems to love a villain (we aren’t worried yet) so there was a lot of Kevin 11 play!

As well as the Omnitrix Creator set we were also sent 2 alien figures. Omni-Kix Four Arms and Omni-Naut Heatblast!

There are quite a few aliens in the series and I know Moose will be adding the other characters to his wish list. He had so much fun playing with them!

All of the figures have moveable arms and legs. Some of the parts are even interchangeable so you could create your own heroes!

The figures are 10cm tall so a great size for taking along in the car as well as playing with at home.

The Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix Creator Set and Ben 10 space figures retail at £29.99 and £9.99 respectively and are available from all good toy shops

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