Learning At Home and School With Education Quizzes

My 2 eldest children could not be more different when it comes to School

Whereas Col doesn’t really enjoy putting pen to paper and much prefers a more physical learning experience, Bess is the opposite. Nothing makes her happier than when she has a pen in her hand or her nose in a book. 

Both of these attitudes to learning come with their own issues. Col needs help to catch up with his peers sometimes and we constantly worry that Bess doesn’t have enough to challenge her and keep her interested in learning. 

Learning At Home Is Important To Us

I believe that the best and most effective way to educate children is by parents taking an interest. That’s not to say that I push for them to constantly be doing homework – quite the opposite in fact. If you don’t know what your child is doing at school then how can you help? This was the reason I wanted to try Education Quizzes. It seems logical to me that using technology, play and my childrens ingrained competitive streak will turn a dull bit of homework into something more! 

Education Quizzes

The website is colourful, it’s clear and to be honest it’s pretty useful! I was expecting there to be a good range of quizzes (which there are) but there are also other features. 

Parent 999 is an area of the site I like especially. It is there for us parents to clue ourselves up on all kinds of subjects from understanding what your child is learning at school to how to speak to teachers. 

I really like that the quizzes for children are written by teachers and couldn’t wait for one of my little darlings to have a go!

Bess is moving onto Secondary school this year. She was more than happy to look at the 11 plus area of the website. 

After playing with the quizzes for pupils over the course of a week, she found the questions to be clear and said that the quiz did feel relevant to her school learning which is great! I can see that the Education Quizzes would be accessible to all ability levels. The cost to subscribe is £9.95 per month and for such an awesome amount of learning aid this seems to be a great price!

I really like that the quizzes are bitesize. Each subject has 10 questions which feels more than manageable and I found that it made Bess want to go ahead and complete more quizzes.

For Schools

As much as we loved using the site at home I couldn’t help thinking what a great resource this could be for schools. The Education Quizzes schools programme offers an exclusive pricing structure and I think it would a great addition to any school. 

I felt as though Bess benefitted from using Education Quizzes and most importantly, she had fun! We would definitely consider using the service in the future as I really believe it could add to her learning experience long term. Especially as she approaches the dreaded GCSE’s…


Mummy & Moose 

We received access to the website and payment in exchange for an honest review. As always all opinions are my own


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  1. June 18, 2017 / 7:50 pm

    Oh my gosh,
    This website would have been fabulous for me when I was home educated.
    I had something similar but only for MATH.

    Fabulous idea

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