Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise

Even though the youngest member of our family happens to be a boy, we have not escaped the current craze for Unicorns. Those things are EVERYWHERE right now and our house is no exception. Slime is also very much on our radar too. Put those together along with what is effectively a giant bling bag style toy and you have the ingredients for a hit toy!

Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise is a sure favourite on the top toys lists for Christmas 2018 and we were recently sent one to play with.


What’s in the box

Well, Poopsie is a surprise. A bit like a giant blind bag really. There are 4 to collect: Rainbow Brightstar, Oopsie Starlight, Whoopsie Doodle and Dazzle Darling. Along with your unicorn character you will also find other accessories such as: a diaper (it’s a nappy but let’s go with what the packaging says..). a t shirt, measuring cup, poop character keychain, unicorn spoon, collector’s sheet, potty, unicorn food and unicorn magic.


How does it work?

Poopsie is a cute unicorn doll with a slime making feature.

Once you have fed Poopsie the ingredients to make the slime, give her a quick shake. Pop her on her glitter potty and press her tummy button to see the slime.. erm… appear.

Sounds simple? Well, it is and it isn’t. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best from your Poopsie experience.

  • Make sure the switch is in the correct (feeding) position before you start
  • Consider using slightly less water than the instructions tell you to. Add more unicorn magic if you need to
  • Cover all surfaces. You do NOT want this anywhere near your carpets
  • Don’t put the nappy/diaper on to make the slime – we found that it pressed the tummy button in and generally got in the way
  • If your slime is still runny leave it to set for a little while longer
  • Tie your unicorns hair back before starting as it will get in the way

I was expecting this toy to be my idea of hell

It was very cutesy, VERY pink and it combines poo and slime. Not really my idea of a good time at all. However, I was somewhat surprised at how much Moose liked it!

Moose really enjoyed the role play aspect of the toy and spent ages dressing the unicorn and feeding her (even before we had started making the slime) and I think as a doll it is a pretty appealing one.

The slime wasn’t as complicated to make as I had feared and I found that by tweaking the instructions and adding just slightly less water than told to made for a good batch of slime! This Poopsie set comes with enough ingredient to make 4 batches, though refills are available to buy.

Moose liked how glittery the slime was but he did get a bit bored waiting for it to set. I suggest having a distraction planned for the 20-30 minutes it takes to set to a slime consistency.

We had fun playing with Poopsie and I think if you have a child who is into dolls and unicorns and slime this is a pretty safe bet for Christmas. It’s not a cheap toy but it feels well made and I like the blind bag set up of the packaging.


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