Treasure X Aliens Surprise Eggs Review

This product was sent to us for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions remain honest and our own. 

If you are looking for a great alternative to edible Easter treats this year then Treasure X Aliens Surprise Eggs are definitely for you!

What is it?

Treasure X Aliens Surprise Eggs are a new addition to the surprise toy market. Priced at just £4.99 per egg they represent egg-cellent (hehe) value for money.

Open the hard plastic (but reusable) shell to discover a softer, squidgy rubber shell. Squeeze this until it pops to find your surprise new alien friend and some slime!

How do you play with it?

The hard plastic casing comes apart easily. The inner squishy egg is really tactile and Moose absolutely loved squishing it and pulling it apart. It took him a little while to get it to POP but he managed it eventually.

You will probably want to do the Pop part on a wipe clean surface as the slime will come out – which Moose found hilarious! Inside the squishy egg along with the slime you will find an alien character and a little treasure accessory or even the ultimate treasure: Real gem.

There are 12 characters to collect. Inside our Treasure X Aliens Surprise Eggs we found Braingor, Spiklops and Soogle Slug! We also found a Galactic Power Egg with a real gem inside – Moose was beside himself!

What did we think?

There was no way that Moose wasn’t going to fall in love with this toy from the get go. Egg? Check! Surprise toy? Check! Slime? Check! Collectable element? Check!

He loved that there were several play elements to the Treasure X Aliens Surprise Eggs and he spent a fair amount of time opening them and then playing with them afterwards! The aliens are soft and can be squeezed so they suck up the slime …and then spit it out of course. Gross but great fun for kids.

Treasure X Aliens Surprise Eggs are priced at £4.99 each and are available from Smyths Toy Shops and if you would like to find out more go to for information, games and chances to win prizes too!


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