A #QBlogger Festive Feast With Queensgate Peterborough

If I was making a top 5 list of my favourite things about Christmas I think festive food would definitely be somewhere near to to top of it.

We all have our must haves of course; turkey, sprouts, mince pies.. but what about fresh ideas this year? Last week I found myself at a gathering of bloggers (what would that be called? a flock? a bevy?) all excited to try out what treats are on offer at Queensgate this christmas

Pret a Manger

Thick slices of Norfolk free-range turkey breast on malted bread with a dollop of slightly tart port & orange cranberry sauce. Served with Pret’s herby stuffing – made with beautifully seasoned minced pork, streaky bacon and apricots. Topped with crispy onions and fresh baby spinach. The Pret Christmas Lunch sandwich is back (at last!)

Meet Melvin, Pret’s gingerbread, icing and marshmallow-headed snowman. He’s only here for Christmas so enjoy him while you can.

Marks and Spencer 

Marks and Spencers’ food range always hits the spot! I loved the Gold Creme Brulee Liqueur, M&S Mince Pies and a Festive Sandwich selection which comprised of Turkey Feast, Brie and Grape, Prawn and Smoked Salmon and Ham Hock and Golden Beetroot Piccalilli.

Handmade Burger Co

handmade burgers

The Handmade Burger Co served up some tasty samples. My absolute favourite was the Avocado and bacon Chicken Burger – original HBC burger relish, hand crushed avocado, smoked bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato & red onion

I also LOVED the Halloumi fries. Comfort food at it’s best!


This was my first taste of food from Carluccios and I thought it was lovely! I tried the Pere e Gorgonzola (Pears & gorgonzola served with radicchio, green beans and walnuts, tossed in a lemon dressing)

The Carluccios festive menu is available until the 3rd January. 2 Courses for £17.95


Celebrate in shimmering style by adding a sprinkle of this absolutely fabulous PopaBall Raspberry Prosecco Shimmer to your prosecco and sparkling drinks, and gaze in wonder as your glass is transformed into a silky, iridescent shimmering treat.


A tantalising mix of creamy white chocolate infused with natural peppermint oil, hand-swirled with contrasting, decadent dark chocolate and then finished with a winter snowfall of crushed candy cane, once tasted peppermint bark is never forgotten.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat always has a great range of gifts for Christmas and if you are buying a gift for me (I am looking at you, family) then you really cannot go wrong! The Christmas Box Luxe is a work of art and whoever thought of making a jam roly poly chocolate is an utter genius!

John Lewis

The John Lewis cafe is a great place to stop for a coffee and a cake (and to people watch if you get a good table) and they really do know how to do cake! My favourite is the bakewell cake!

Christmas is about spending time with family and feeling festive. If you fail at this then make sure you have these gin baubles on hand. One of these and everything will start to look very festive indeed!



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