The Good, The Bad & The Itchy

The Good..

When I was pregnant the first time it was a breeze. I was young, strong and of course oblivious – it was before I had regular access to the internet so no googling and way less self doubt. I wore my usual clothes (and an air of smug shit) until very late into the pregnancy where my neat little bump required that I purchase a trouser with an elasticated waist.

I distinctly remember arguing with my midwife because I wanted to walk the 3 miles to the maternity unit to be induced at 42 weeks. I lost the argument but I definitely COULD have made that walk.

The Bad..

My second pregnancy was 5 years later and treated me to the delights of SPD. Living at the time in a 1st floor maisonette it was no picnic and by 20 weeks I had trouble taking more than a few steps. The pain of that pregnancy still makes me shudder. If you are reading this and you have experienced that shooting sensation followed by the ache you have my fullest sympathy – now go on and search you tube for help. There are some marvellous exercises out there which really do help, this was so helpful to me. 

Of course, use your common sense and always check with someone qualified so you don’t hurt yourself.

The Itchy..

When I found out I was pregnant with Moose I waited with trepidation for that familiar ache in my pelvis to return. It did and it sucked but it was at least bearable this time around.

At 16 weeks I woke in the night with itchy feet. It was annoying but I eventually got back to sleep. A couple of nights later it happened again. Then it was a nightly occurrence. Sometimes it felt like every inch of my skin was being affected by this intense itch and I would find myself holding cold damp towels against myself at 3am.

It wasn’t just the horrible itch, it was feeling constantly exhausted from your usual pregnancy gubbins on top of not sleeping and having absolutely no idea why the fuck it was happening.

Luckily this time I had google and access to lots of old posts from other expectant Mums who had described my experience to a tee. A short time later Obstetric Cholestasis was diagnosed and I was given my new best friend – menthol aqueous cream. I was told that my pregnancy would be consultant led and I would probably be induced. I was, at 37 weeks.

Just as well. Moose weighed in at 8lb!

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