Jack-Jack Attacks Doll | Gifted

Jack-Jack the baby might be the smallest member of The Incredibles family but he definitely has the best powers! All of the powers by the looks of things!

Moose has recently launched himself into all things superhero and as a result, The Incredibles has become a regular watch along with the sequel, The Incredibles 2.

When we were sent a Jack-Jack Attacks Doll & Racoon to play with, Moose was overjoyed to say the least!

The Jack-Jack Attacks Doll comes with batteries and is set to ‘try me’ mode. You can change the mode to on by opening  the Jack-Jack Attacks Doll’s sleepsuit at the back. If you do not change the mode, the Jack-Jack Attacks Doll will not show all of its features. Don’t ask me how long it took to figure this out.

Luckily this is not a difficult toy to operate. All you have to do is push his tummy

Just press!

  • Press once to hear that Jack-Jack is happy.
  • Press twice and he giggles like you tickled him.
  • Press once over and over and he will cycle through his different powers.
  • Press and Hold for… Super Powers!


The powers that the Jack-Jack Attacks Doll demonstrates are just like the ones in the movie. He glows red like he does when shooting lasers from his eyes and I love that he glows a little when he sneezes!

I thought that this Doll was really cute – as cute as the Jack-Jack in the movie, in fact it looks exactly like him. Although I wouldn’t say that this doll does an awful lot for an interactive toy but Moose loves baby dolls and he loves superheroes so for him it is pretty much perfect!

The Doll also comes with the racoon from the movie. The racoon rattles and has a soft fluffy tail. You can have the characters re-enact their movie battle or you could do what Moose did and have them take a nap!


Jack-Jack Attacks Doll is available from Smyths as well as other good toy shops


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