Playfoam Pals

Because my work involves being a bit creative and effectively playing with what Moose refers to as “grown up playdough”. I really quite like it when I find a toy that the children can sit up to the table and play with alongside me. Playfoam ticks pretty much all boxes where that kind of a toy is concerned.

Playfoam is a super lightweight non toxic playstuff which resembles polystyrene balls (think the inside of beanbags). They are coloured and they smoosh together but they never go that horrible murky grey colour. Playfoam is sticky but not in a sticks to everything and never be able to clean it up way. It is pleasantly sticky. If that’s a thing.


Moose really like the blind bag aspect of this toy. Within the Playfoam is a creature. There are 12 to collect and included is a little tick sheet so you can mark them off as you go. We were lucky enough to find a golden creature too!

I really liked this toy and I could see it making a really good stocking filler. It is definitely something I will be looking out for in the shops for Moose. Despite trying to think of any cons I really can’t. It’s easy to play with, pretty clean and it encourages imagination!



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