Slap Ninja!

We were sent this game in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own

Moose is heavily into all things ninja at the moment. He was therefore overjoyed to arrive home from school to find a brand new ninja focused game ready and waiting for him! 

What’s in the box?

Well, not a lot to be honest. There is no box. Just minimal cardboard packaging – which was great from a parental point of view. 

The Slap Ninja controller is modelled after a karate bench. On top there are 3 led lights at either end. One of the “bench legs” is plain, the other has a small button on it and a trigger. Above this “bench leg” is a red coin and a giant ninja hand. The Slap Ninja game is aimed at children aged 4 and up. I think that this is pretty accurate. Not least because the trigger to control the giant hand takes some effort to squeeze. 

How to play

This part is simple. The packaging of Slap Ninja boasts that this game will take seconds to learn. They aren’t kidding! We have all played the game in the school playground where you each put your hands out in front of you while your opponent tries to slap you – this is effectively that game. Ninja style! Check out the ad to see for yourself. 

The Aim of the game is for the student to hit the coin button without receiving a slap from the master! Do this 3 times and you win – and the master must feel the buzz of shame (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt at all. Unlike the ache from your dented ego when a small child beats you at Slap Ninja…) 

A second to learn and a lifetime to master.

What did we think?

I really liked the lack of useless packaging around Slap Ninja as well as the game arriving with the batteries already installed. It meant that the fun could begin straight away – excellent for Mums like me who despite knowing better, often runs out. 

Moose adored playing this game. It takes no set up, it’s small enough to take in the car and there are no small parts to lose. He has challenged every member of the household and has so far held his position as ninja master. 

Slap Ninja is by Jakks Pacific and is available from all good toy shops!


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