Zuru 5 Surprise Mystery Toys Review

We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

We were so excited to get our hands on the 5 SURPRISE Series 2 from ZURU! Moose, like most children at the moment. Is utterly obsessed with any kind of blind bag or surprise toy. Gone are the days when the only surprise toys around were of the Kinder variety or a dodgy claw machine at the amusement arcade. These days surprise toys are everywhere and that means that they have to be good to hold the children’s attention!

5 surprise zuru

5 SURPRISE Series 2 from ZURU certainly ticks the boxes in terms of visual appeal. A medium size ball, the child is supposed to unwrap the ball and then peel each compartment to reveal a new surprise toy. That’s five surprises in total!

5 SURPRISE Series 2 come in 2 colours.

There is a blue one which is wrapped in red and a pink one which is wrapped in purple. Some people may take issue with what is a pretty clear gender division but I quite like that you at least have some idea of the kind of toy your child might get inside each one – that said, a neutral version might be nice to add to the range?

Inside the blue ball you might find a car, a skateboard, a ninja or a dinosaur and inside the pink there could be sparkly sequins, funky stationary and cute unicorns, the new range contains over 200 new toys to collect, including new figurines and rare, high-value chaser toys!

Moose really enjoyed this toy. As I mentioned previously he loves the surprise element but he played for ages with the things he found inside. They don’t appear to have much to tie them together. No real theme but this meant he could use his imagination. We love anything which encourages that sort of behaviour!

All in all I would say that the 5 SURPRISE Series 2 from ZURU represents decent value for money. They are available to buy from all good toy shops (and most supermarkets) at around £6 and they are suitable for children aged 3+. You can find out more about the range on the Zuru website


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