Important Things To Consider When Picking Your Wedding Venue

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, there are so many different things to consider and it can be really easy to paralyze yourself with choices. You’ve probably checked out a dozen or more wedding venues already, or perhaps you don’t even know where to start. It’s a daunting process–that’s for sure! But there are a couple of ways to make the entire thing easier, especially if you’re willing to do a bit of research and have a few months (or even a whole year) to get prepared.


Without further ado, let’s take a look at a couple of things to consider when choosing the ideal wedding venue for you and your partner, or even when helping your friends and family members.


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Accessibility can be really important


When choosing a wedding venue, one of the most important factors has to be accessibility. Imagine if you picked a really fancy and beautiful location, only to realize that most of your guests won’t be able to make the trip because it’s way too far from where they live. Maybe you want to have a nice wedding overseas, but you can’t justify it because most of the people on your guest list can’t really pay for a weekend flight just for a wedding.


Depending on your guest list, you’ll need to pick a location that is fairly accessible to everyone. In most cases, it’s best if you can pick a location that is close to you and your dearest friends and family members, but we know that it’s not always possible given the circumstances and distances between people. However, it’s often in your best interests to try and find a location that everyone is content with.


The venue capacity and the size of your guest list


Next, think about venue capacity. Locations such as St Osyth Priory are huge and can offer plenty of space for all of your guests, but you might also prefer something a little smaller (especially if the location is more ideal) so it’s always a good idea to look around. Try to get a rough estimate from the venue on how many people can attend, then compare it to your guest list. This will help you pick a venue that is suitable for the number of people that you plan to invite.


Look at the amenities and services


Don’t forget to look at things such as catering. Many venues offer in-house catering that is taken care of by a team of cooks. They might not offer this option all the time. In some cases, you might need to contact another catering service, or even look for a reception team that can use the amenities at the venue. You’ll also want to ask your catering team about dietary needs, and also look into any additional services they can offer, such as a buffet later on in the day.

Whether it’s your wedding day or if you’re helping to plan for a friend or family member, it’s vital that you consider these things when picking a wedding venue. The more time you spend planning it, the more magical and memorable the wedding will be.


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