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I absolutely love this time of year for clothing. You can tell within around 2 minutes of meeting me that I am hardly what you would call fashionable but I know what I like. What I like most is layering, natural fabrics, items which are easily cleaned and comfort! I am in my thirties and I like feeling comfortable dammit!

Last week I was invited to a QBlogger get together at Queensgate Shopping Centre with other local bloggers to take part in an autumn/winter challenge. We were to meet at Carluccios restaurant for drinks and nibbles where we would be handed our very own challenge!

There were a lot of canapes to choose from and I loved trying the bruschetta with pickled walnuts. I also sampled the house red so that I could personally recommend it to you (which I can – it was delicious).

My challenge

Inside my envelope was a letter detailing what I had to do next. I was instructed to head to Oasis, Marks and Spencer and New Look and find 5 staple pieces for my winter wardrobe.

So, in no particular order. Here they are…


It’s getting colder, you need a coat. I am seeing different takes on the check patterned coat all over the place at the moment. This one from New Look is a really great price at £39.99.



Who doesn’t love a bit of ochre on a grey day? This cable knit jumper from Oasis and is available from XS to XL.


I really like animal prints but it seems like it has been stepped up a gear this year. Bold hot pink animal prints look awesome. Well, I think so anyway. This jumper is from M&S.


bobble hat

from £15

Bobble hats are my favourite. Not only are they a practical solution on a cold day but they also hide a bad hair day too allowing you extra time in bed. Double win.

These bobble hats are from Oasis.



One of the best things about the colder months has to be the skirt, tights, boots combo, surely?

These boots are from New Look


I do love a scarf. Chunky knit, silk, bright, pastel… There is something for everyone and the best part is that they all fit!

Here is a selection of some of my favourites from M&S.

This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.


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