Interesting things and activities to do in Val Thorens

The tallest ski resort in Europe is located in the broader area of ​​the French Alps with the largest area, allowing many skiing friends to enjoy their favourite pastime all year round. Since its founding back in 1971, the Val Thorens ski resort has not stopped developing and evolving its facilities to offer all those skiing friends the best possible conditions to enjoy their favourite sport. For the last four decades, it has continued with real interest to enrich the services it offers, in terms of the interest and satisfaction of the visitors themselves. So, in addition to the vast 600 km area of ​​Les 3 Vallées, it has dozens of other activities in the snow for all those looking for a unique experience.

Spend your night in an igloo

When you think of staying in an igloo, the image of the Eskimos definitely crosses your mind. However, this accommodation option can offer you a significantly warmer living atmosphere! The interior of these igloos is heated with a wood stove, while from your bed, you can admire the fantastic view of the resort, creating one of the most romantic atmospheres to enjoy with your partner.



Of course, there are other more active and energetic activities, but snowshoeing, especially in the Val Thorens area, allows you to enjoy the real beauty that stretches in front of you. Explore paths and paths with your snowshoes and penetrate deeper into the true beauty of nature. Learn more about the local flora and fauna of the area and share this knowledge with the rest of the exploration team. This activity is for everyone because you simply do not need much experience to do this activity. Walk all day on the fluffy snow and then head back to the safety of the resort to enjoy a great meal in one of the dozens of top restaurants in the area.


Yoga in the mountains

It may seem strange to you, but yoga at a very high altitude is a fact. We all know that yoga activity, in general, can help us regain our strength and fill us with energy. It is an activity with many benefits to physical and mental health, as with it we manage to find the perfect balance. So consider having the opportunity to practice this extremely relaxing activity while you are in a white snowy landscape. How would all this feel to you? Snow yoga is definitely an extraordinary and special experience that can refresh you during your vacation.


Try the World Cup Ski Cross Slope

Finally, we could not fail to mention the famous and impressive Ski Cross World Cup slope. This particular track is so widespread, where internationally renowned skiers use it, due to the high quality and the general level of facilities. So if you are looking for an adrenaline rush and action, you can race on this track against your friends, recording your personal time on the track and comparing it with other times.


Huge thrills await you in the largest area in the world. Where, with its vast expanses, you will never repeat the same distance at the ski resort. Book your holiday in Val Thorens resort with Erna Low, which offers a complete vacation package that may include additional services, such as those mentioned above. Make the decision today to experience genuinely different vacations.




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