Train Travel – Why We Love It

It’s hard to beat train travel when it comes to travelling long distances. Flying has its ups and downs and road trips require a lot of planning, but train travel is stress-free and can be an enjoyable way to travel. Of course, trains have their limitations in that they cannot take your everywhere, but there are a few reasons why they are many people’s preferred form of travel.

girl standing next to camden town underground sign


You get a sense of freedom when travelling by train that is hard to match. This is because once you are abroad you can simply sit back and watch the world go by. People can spend their time on the train reading, listening to music, eating, talking, playing games or any other activity.



You will also find that train travel can be more affordable than other forms of transport. Flying can be hugely expensive and with road trips, there will be running costs to cover, but with train travel, you only have your train ticket to worry about and you can often get discounts on popular routes to make it more affordable.


No Traffic & Stress-Free

When you get the train, you do not have to worry about traffic, driving and figuring out the best route to take unlike driving. It can be hard to relax while driving, but this is not an issue with train travel which means that you can arrive at your destination feeling calm, happy and relaxed.



There is also flexibility with train travel in that you will usually have a few options for what train to get and what time to leave. When flying, there is not much flexibility and this can add to the stress. If you are travelling to popular areas like London, there will always be an earlier or later train that you could get.



Train travel can also be the most comfortable way to travel, especially during off-peak hours. Being crammed into a plane with little to no leg room can be incredibly uncomfortable, especially on a long haul flight. Travelling in the car can be better, but with a train, you have the ability to get up and move around which can make travel much more comfortable and enjoyable.


These are a few of the main benefits of train travel over flying or driving. There are limitations, but train travel can be a lot easier, stress-free, fun and comfortable than other forms of travel and it is always an option that is worth considering when planning any kind of trip.


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