Review| Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon and Hollywood Hair Extension Maker

Disclaimer – we were sent both of the Cool Maker products featured in this post free of charge in return for an honest review.  All opinions are our own

If there is one thing I know about girls is that no matter what else interests them, they all at some point want to be just like their Mum. Maybe not for long and almost definitely not in front of their friends but at some point they will copy what you do or what you say and hold up a mirror to your own self in a way that only daughters can.

With this in mind. It makes it all the more important that you show them good habits and there aren’t many places easier to do this than by teaching them to take time out for self care.

Self care can mean vastly different things to different people. Some might just need a good book and a comfy spot, others a clear space and some music to move to. My sister Jo, along with writing at The Knight Tribe also enjoys taking care of her hair and nails and as little girls do, my nieces love to play with her pretty nail polishes and hair bits and bobs.

When I was asked to review the Go Glam Nail Salon and Hollywood Hair Extension Maker I just knew that my Sisters girls would love them. I was not wrong..

Go Glam Nail Salon

The GO GLAM Nail Salon is really easy to use.

First, choose a pattern and pop it into the machine. Next, paint each finger or toenail with one of the non-toxic GO GLAM nail polish base coats (two colours included).

Then place your nails under the dryer, switch on the button and wait five minutes for nails to dry. Lastly, insert each nail one at a time into the machine and press the button to stamp. Remove your nail from the stamper to reveal a perfectly patterned nail. Paint on a layer of shiny top coat (included) and GO GLAM with your squad.

For even more nail polish and pattern combinations, look for the GO GLAM Pattern Pack and Mini Pattern Pack refills (each sold separately) and never run out of ways to style your nails. The GO GLAM Nail Salon is a fun sleepover party activity and is a great gift for birthdays or special occasions for kids aged 8 and up.

My sisters nails always look lovely so I wasn’t too surprised that the Go Glam Nail Salon was a massive hit with her girls too. They loved it. I think it will get used a lot.

even though this is a toy it is such a neat piece of kit. I cannot wait for lockdown to be over so that I can visit and have a go too!

Hollywood Hair Extension Maker

Design, create and style your own hair extensions! Customise a hair ribbon with the included markers or choose a printed design. Load your ribbon into the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker. Next press the button and watch as it magically transforms into a stylish hair extension! Use the heatless curler to create beachy waves, tight curls, sleek straight looks and more!

It was so cute to see how invested the girls were in designing their very own hair extensions. I love that you could choose ribbon in any colour or pattern to create a unique look.

Both of the sets are £19.99 and are available from Smyths and Amazon.


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  1. December 8, 2023 / 5:09 am

    These Go Glam sets are absolute game-changers for bonding moments with my nieces! 💅 The Go Glam Nail Salon sounds like an incredible sleepover activity—perfect for unleashing creativity and making memories. And the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker? What a fantastic way to encourage self-expression! Can’t wait for lockdown to end and join in the fun. 🌈

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