Strictly Briks Classic Trap & Gap – LEGO compatible bricks review

We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own

Moose absolutely loves building with bricks at the moment. The tablet he used to play with daily has been in a cupboard for god knows how long and from the moment he wakes up all he wants to do is build with LEGO.

I’m certainly not complaining. There is a reason why the market leader in building bricks is consistently top of the charts when it comes to children’s favourite toys. That stuff is pricey though!

We hadn’t heard of Strictly Briks before we were sent a set to review a couple of weeks ago. I was almost certain that nothing else would match up to “that brand”.

I was happy to be proved wrong.

The Strictly Briks Classic Trap and Gap is a set of stackers and base boards with ramps and trap doors. Moose immediately grabbed his toy cars. He wanted his Strictly Briks set to act as a garage/car park. He spent a long time building little walls on each level and then suddenly his garage was a house!

Along with the Strictly Briks Classic Trap and Gap we were sent a 156pc bag of bricks. Moose loved being able to build little pieces of furniture and he soon moved some mini figure super heroes into his creation.

The base boards in the Strictly Briks Classic Trap and Gap set are 10″x10″ which is not a size offered by LEGO. I thought that the base plates felt a little on the thin side. I did like that they are stackable though. So you can attach them on top of other bricks as well as using them as a base.

All of Mooses LEGO minifigures (and there are a lot) were compatible with Strictly Briks and not in a this-is-going-to-pop-off-any-minute way. They really do fit well!

Would we buy Strictly Briks?

The price point of Strictly Briks earns it some serious brownie points. The Strictly Briks Classic Trap and Gap set has an RRP of £21.99 and the 156pc bag of Strictly Briks retails at just £6.99.

I think this along with the variety of sets in their range makes it difficult not to consider it. We do love LEGO but Moose can’t tell the difference. At his age he just wants to play and Strictly Briks seems like a decent choice to me!


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