Tonka Metal Movers and Micro Movers | Review

When I was a little girl I owned a Tonka tractor. I have no clue how old I was when I got it but I remember it very well. Heavy, green and with it’s own trailer (good for ferrying around all manner of creatures). My brother would nab it at any given opportunity but despite his best efforts it always came back to me in perfect condition. Not a scratch on it. Ever.

Tonka has been around since the 1940’s. That means that in our family, Moose will be the 4th generation to play with toys from the Tonka brand. Quite impressive then that the brand doesn’t really appear to have strayed from it’s core products. Diecast metal vehicles which are built to last. To me, Tonka is one of those toys you don’t throw away. Rather, they get passed down. One of my aims for this year has been to ensure that I am choosing quality over quantity for Moose’s toy collection. Tonka definitely fits with that perfectly.

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Tonka Micro Metals

What’s in the box?

Our pack contained 3 vehicles we could see which were a fire truck, a police cruiser and a garbage truck. It also contained some ‘Tonka Tough Dirt’ and …a mystery box!

If you know Moose you know how excited he gets about blind bag style toys so this aspect was a massive hit with him. Inside his mystery box he found a mini version of the Tonka dumper truck! He was very happy with this.

Each of these micro versions measures approx 4cm making them great for playing with at home but also when you are on the move. I always let Moose bring a little bag with his choice of toys when we go on holiday and these Micro Metals would be perfect.

The Tonka Micro Metals come in an emergency vehicles pack which we received and also a construction site pack which I am sure will be on Moose’s Christmas list this year. Each pack retails at around £10.

Tonka Metal Movers

What’s in the box?

We were lucky enough to receive the Metal Movers combo pack and a few of the Metal Movers mud rescue.

The Tonka Metal Movers combo pack contains a bright yellow bulldozer and dump truck. Both vehicles are, once again, really sturdy and feel as though they could take a lot of playing with. The detail on the vehicles is fantastic and they are easy to use. Moose really enjoyed filling the truck with the Tonka Tough Dirt and emptying it out again.

The Tonka Metal Movers Mud Rescue sets are a great idea and a little bit different in that the first thing your child needs to do is to use the little tools included to dig the vehicle out of the dirt! This set was priced a little lower than the others and I think would make great birthday party gifts or pocket money toys. Inside this set you will find the aforementioned tools, a vehicle, some cones and fences, some Tonka Tough Dirt and an awesome Mud Rescue medallion.

 What did we think?

This one was not a hard sell for me. I have loved the Tonka brand for a long time – these new Metal Movers sets only reinforced that Tonka is still a great brand which offers amazing quality toys which will last and last. Moose really loved playing with all 3 of the sets and he will definitely want to add to his collection now. He has also asked that we get some for his best friend – high praise from a 6 yr old indeed!

You can find Tonka Metal Movers in all good toy shops including JLP, Shop Direct and Amazon. Be sure to check out Tonka tough time for fun new activities and chances to win! 


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