Advent calendar ideas for the whole family

Advent calendars used to be a bit of a worry for me. I sometimes wondered if, as my children grew older, they might lose interest. I know it’s not a big thing but it is a tradition they loved as little ones. A silly tradition possibly but something we enjoyed as a family. Something else that could be lost as they took (yet another) step away from needing me.

Now that Col is 21 and living on his own, Bess is in college and even Moose is starting to question whether a certain bearded man really exists. Well, the reality of them no longer being my babies does hit me like a spade to the face sometimes.

Luckily though, advent calendars are still all the rage! As much as I have fond memories of our chocolate advent calendars from years ago it is lovely to see so many different styles of calendar on offer these days!

Nutcracker Advent Calendar

Nothing say CHRISTMAS like a Nutcracker does. So what could be better than your very own refillable Nutcracker advent calendar! This one available from Ryman is absolutely perfect. It is 70cm tall, sturdy and the 24 little boxes are a great size. One year we decided to buy a small lego set and distribute the pieces so Moose had to guess what he was making and it was an absolute hit.

You can purchase your Nutcracker Advent Calendar here RRP £14.99

Nutcracker shaped advent calendar

Oreo Advent Calendar

What is it with teenagers and their ongoing obsession with Oreos? Mine cannot get enough of them. It is impossible to walk past an Oreo display without a few packets of them landing in the trolley. There are so many flavours now – don’t get me started on double stuff!

The chocolate covered Oreo advent calendar from La Di Da Sweet Treats however is more than a little bit special! Behind each door, you will find a selection of 25 milk and white Belgian chocolate, coating a delicious mini Oreo, each individually hand decorated with sugar paste Christmas decorations – December will never quite be the same with this super advent calendar.

RRP £22 and you can buy yours here

Oreo Advent Calendar

Schleich Advent Calendars

Schleich toys are one of those that you know will be a great quality product. All 3 of my children have played with Schleich animals and dinosaurs and I think that the advent calendar is a fantastic starter to introduce them to the world of Schleich play.

What is so great about toys like these is that they encourage imaginative play and they are so beautifully detailed. Moose has already commented on how realistic the horse figures look. I know he cannot wait to get stuck in!

RRP £29.99 and available to purchase here

Coffee Advent Calendar

Why, yes I do run on caffeine. Thanks for asking!

The 12 Days of Discovery Advent Calendar is a specially curated collection of coffees from the Chimney Fire 2022 Discovery Coffee range. Each coffee has been carefully selected by their roastery team to satisfy different tastes, and introduce a new and interesting coffee from around the world – be that a new origin or region that they hadn’t sourced from before, a new process or varietal, or something seasonal with a unique flavour profile.

RRP £45 and available to buy here

Gin Advent Calendar

I know it’s 12 and not 24, but, hear me out!

The Twelve Days of Gin Advent Calendar is the essential for gin lovers this December. A Sous Chef exclusive, enjoy 12 unique flavours of Gin in a Tin. Countdown advent with new and exciting flavours of festive spirit. 

This gin advent calendar features classic flavours of elderflower and ginger, alongside unusual ingredients of pumpkin and black pepper. It also includes one new and unreleased flavour from Gin In A Tin – but we won’t spoil the surprise! 

RRP £49 and you can buy yours here

Haribo Advent Calendar

There is a reason that kids and adults love it so.. Haribo is tasty. Everyone knows it. The great thing about the Haribo advent calendar is that you will find a lovely mix of flavours and types from the Haribo range.

From MOAMs to Goldbears you will ber certain to find all of your favourites

RRP £5 and available to buy from Asda, Tesco, B&M and many more!

Roblox Advent Calendar

Hands up who has a Roblox obsessed child? Pretty much all of us, right! M is SO excited to get stuck into opening this one.

The Roblox advent calendar features 6 figures to build along with virtual items to use in the game. The figures within the calendar are all very festive: Elf, Christmas Tree, Gingerbread Man, Magical Reindeer, Santa Claus and Snowman! Along with these are lots of accessories.

I know that M will get hours of play out of this one

RRP £40 and available to buy online


Which advent calendars will your family be choosing this Christmas? Comment below and let me know!


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