Budget Bargains For Your Home – Black Friday with Amazon

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Amazon really is my absolute saviour this year when it comes to shopping and Black Friday will be no different. Being able to hop online and make my purchases while on my break at work saves me a ton of time and effort and is definitely the reason I am on track for an end of November finish on my Christmas present buying. 

Black friday is upon us and that means Amazon is absolutely teeming with bargains! I really need to update a few bits around the house so I went hunting for some of the bargains on offer in this years Amazon Black Friday deals to help spruce up your rooms. 

Amazon Basics 

I love plain white crockery and I am picky AF about the shape of my bowls and plates. Seriously. It’s a problem. The great thing about buying plain white is that you mix and match with other sets – handy! This 18 piece set is just £33.99 down from £39.99.

This item is described as a microwave cart. You could use it for a microwave but ultimately it’s extra worktop space or a shelf on wheels! Very good for the upcoming festive madness or I suppose you could even pop it in the hall to use to store all of the crap your (my) family leave laying around! This microwave cart is £46.29 down from £66.12 in the Black Friday deals.



This set of wireless earbuds IS for the home. Hear me out (see what I did there?) My house has been known to descend into looking like a bombsite thanks to the kids and a husband who likes to start many, many jobs at once. Unlike my weirdo sister, I do not enjoy cleaning up. However, stick some earbuds in and some decent music and the game changes.. See. I told you. They are for the house because the house will benefit from me owning them. Plus the Eono earbuds are a bargain at £20.78 from £28.99 

Dear kids, keep your mucky mitts off my charging cable. Thanks. This brightly coloured C type to USB cable is a super long 3m and down to £7.64 from £10.99 and best of all you have a spare for when the first is inevitably swiped!


I am going to put my hands up at this point and admit that I had no idea you could buy scented duvets. Now that I know this information I feel like I need one. Lavender is supposed to be very good for helping you get a restful night and I honestly love nothing more than a good sleep. Nothing. 

This fine looking duvet is £87.99 from £109.99 and is 10.5 tog goose feather with a lavender scent. What a time to be alive.

I am not a gamer but I am a sit-at-my-desk-all-day-er and this chair looks very comfortable indeed! Boasting an adjustable headrest and lumbar support as well as a reclining function this is also fabric covered so you won’t get that horrible squeakiness of skin on chair if you happen to have not bothered getting dressed for the day. Lovely. 

The ergonomic (ooo) gaming chair is £151.99 down from £179.99


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