Meal Plan – The Healthy Eating Starts Again (Again) On Monday Edition

Only 6 more sleeps to go, you guys! I feel like a kid at Christmas!! That is, until I actually stop to think about it and then I remember that actually, it has been so nice to have Moose and Bess at home – mostly.

There can’t have been many times in history where parents got to spend quite so much extra time with their kiddos? Sure a lot of that time as I recall was them asking for snacks or trying to kill each other but still, memories!

Anyway, 6 sleeps until some of the people in this house actually leave the house for a few hours during the day. The idea of having time in my home alone is so exciting!

There is one downside of everyone disappearing during the day though. This is that I can no longer blame my prolonged Pac-Man impression on them. Currently I am asked for snacks approximately 1500 times per day which explains the weight gain creeping up. So, Monday morning I shall be returning to healthy eating and I might even start exercising a bit. Nothing too hazardous you understand, just behaving like a normal human adult again. You know, rather than behaving like I am on an episode of Woman Vs Food…

I am willing the weather to get warmer so that I can get back into taking myself off for walks. I have no interest in trudging along in the cold!

Jerk(ish) chicken with rice and pea and mango salsa

This week in food

Monday: Steak with mashed potatoes, asparagus and baby sweetcorn served with diane sauce.

Tuesday: Sesame sticky chicken with stir fry veg and udon noodles served with duck bao.

Wednesday: Scampi, chips and peas

Thursday: Jerk(ish) chicken with rice and a mango salsa

Friday: Beef stew and dumplings

Saturday: Pizza (treating us to a takeaway)

Sunday: Roast pork, roast veg and sprouts with stuffing and lots of gravy


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  1. March 3, 2021 / 10:51 am

    I feel excited, then realise I’m actually going to really miss having Daisy around in the day! Hope the rest of this week goes well for you and the steak dinner sounds SO good!

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