Meal plan – The why am I still freezing in May edition

I am pretty sure this time last year we were headed into a heatwave. I mean, sure, the world had completely changed and we couldn’t go anywhere but hey, it was warm!

As I write this my toes are absolutely frozen and I am contemplating getting a blanket to wrap myself in. In May. What?!

In food terms this basically means that if you think I am eating cold salads this week you are massively mistaken. We need food that feels like a hug please so I will be at least 50% potato by the end of this week.

I am still struggling with eating sensibly during the day but breakfasts will be egg based and then lunches will mainly be picky bits rather than an actual meal I think. I am trying to keep it healthy but at the moment I just want to eat and that’s hard to ignore. Still, on the upside we have a new addition to the family to focus on and as a result I am moving a lot more than I have been in some months which is great!

This week in food

Monday – King prawn risotto and green veg (I wish I could say I made this but it was an M&S family meal and it was lush)

Tuesday – Chicken burger with crunchy potato slices

Wednesday – Tomato soup and bread (admittedly followed by bakewell tart and cream)

Thursday – Creamy chicken slice (it’s a flat pie) with mash and veg

Friday – Chicken curry with rice and homemade flatbreads

Saturday – Pulled pork with baps and chunky sweet potato wedges

Sunday – The rest of the pork reheated in gravy with roast potatoes and broccoli, stuffing and apple butter.



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